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Rock Chick

By Kristen Ashley


Indy has been in love with Lee Nightingale since she was five years old.  Indy’s best friend, Ally, is Lee’s sister and Kitty Sue, the Nightingale’s mom, has been her surrogate mom since the death of her mother.  Indy has been avoiding Lee for the past ten years, ever since he told her she reminded him of his little sister.  This crushed her, but she did everything in her power to stay away from him.  Avoidance and lying has become second nature to her. 

Indy gets involved in a shooting and who can she call.  Ally…who in turn gets Lee involved.  Little does Indy know, Lee has been pissed as hell these past few years watching her go from guy to guy and wanting that guy to be him.  He must work his ass off, to prove he can be the man she needs.

I loved Indy.  She’s strong, independent, fun, loyal and rock n’ roll!  I loved that she didn’t just turn into a big pile of mush when it came to Lee.  She made him work for it.  She put up a good fight and stood her ground.  I like that she got pissed at him and didn’t back down from it.  There were some things that pissed me off about Indy too.  Such as, NEVER FREAKING LISTENING!  --But that went along with her independence…I guess. 

Lee is…..hawt!  He is strong, responsible, protective, and possessive and did I say hot…O Hell Yeah!  He sees his opportunity to win Indy over and he is not taking no for an answer, but he already knows she loves him.  He is smart as a whip and has known it for years.  He just needed to be the right man for her.  I love that he is so patient.  Most alphas in books are not…at all. But he is one of the most patience that I have read!

I love all the action. I mean how many times can a girl get kidnapped?  Quite a few I guess!  I also loved all the characters.  I’m guessing that they will all be showing up in their own books soon, since there are like a bazillion of them!  

I must say that I was expecting more of the sexual experience, since it is Kristen Ashley and Dream Man Oozed it, but the story flowed and carried so well that in the end I didn’t miss it!

Highly recommend!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Motorcycle Man

By Kristen Ashley


He’s an ass.  A jerk.  A pig.  A badass….. And I love him!  Tack—Kane Allen is Motorcycle Man!  Tack is the president of Chaos, a biker gang.  He’s tough, hot, sexy, badass and loves his women.  We know from Mystery Man that Tack had a thing for Gwen and that didn’t end in his favor.  So he’s back to his wild ridin’ ways.  Women, booze and bikes. 

Tyra met Tack at a Chaos party with lots of booze and sex.  Tack kicks her out.  Little does Tack know, Tyra’s back.   Not for him…..for a job.  She is the new office manager for Ride, the shop Tack owns.  When Tack finds out, he’s not happy.  This starts the back and forth that occurs between these characters. 

There is action, hot sex, kidnapping and lots of blood. 

I knew Tack from Dream Man Series and loved him already.  So, that being said his assholeness rolled off me pretty easily.  “Time to get your own bed darlin’”   OUCH!  As a female, that would freaking suck.  But I overlooked it. 

I loved how Tyra was strong and in your face. I like that she didn’t put up with Tack’s shit and stood on her own two feet.  Even though she was falling—hard.  I loved how protective Tack was of Tyra, even when she tried to blow him off.

And one of the biggest pluses of this story is………..ALL THE DREAM MEN!!!!!!!!!  I loved reading about all of them and catching up with my dream men!  Hawk and Lawson!  I haven’t read Wild Man yet so I don’t know the other guys!  But I loved catching up with them!

Overall, highly recommended for any Kristen Ashley fan or anyone who wants a good book!
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Monday, September 24, 2012

By: Miranda Baker


WOW!  If you are looking for a total erotic tale, this is the book for you! 

Alisa, a very sexy librarian, just got told by her ‘boyfriend’ that she is frigid in bed.  She is determined to figure out why she has never had an orgasm…ever.  Is it her?  Is it her partners?  She enters Come Again, an adult store and things in her life changes.  She learns all about orgasms and she likes them. Ha!

She ends up testing sex toys for the company Soloplay under the anonymous name Sologirl. 

Mark is the owner of Soloplay.  He loves reading Sologirl’s reviews.  Everything she picks ends up being a best seller for him.  Mark decides he wants Sologirl to try and review a new couple’s line for his company.

Alisa declines this offer.  Mark sets out to find out why because he’s desperate to save his company.  Once meeting Sologirl, Mark is in deep lust. When Mark agrees to be her partner, will sparks fly or does Mark only want her to improve his business??

It is a romance, so that’s not hard to figure out.

I did enjoy this story and I learned lots about all these toys that are out there! 
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Down to you by M. Leighton

Down To You 
by M. Leighton


I will first off say that I am totally impressed.  I was apprehensive while reading the summary on Goodreads, but after reading the book….I am soooo glad I did!

Twin brothers!!!! HOT!!!!!!!

Two brothers, who look identical, but have two totally different personalities.  Cash is a typical bad boy, club owner, motorcycle riding hunk.  Nash is totally opposite, soon to be lawyer, very smart, very educated hunk.

What’s a girl to do?  Especially when Nash is dating her roommate and cousin and Cash is too bad in her mind to want forever. 

This story takes you through the roller coaster ride that is Olivia’s life.  Who does she want to be with?  Cash or Nash?  And what will Olivia do when a bomb is dropped on her that includes Cash and Nash?

I was totally into this book. I sat for 5 hours straight and only put it down briefly to get my kids dinner and go through their backpacks!  I liked how each chapter went through different characters perspectives of the story.  I could feel how each of them felt. 

I enjoyed the growing connection between Olivia/Cash and Olivia/Nash.  I really enjoyed the twists and turns towards the end!  It was a wild ride that I would have never expected.  The author did a great job keeping my attention and having the story flow. 

The epilogue….I learned that this story is to be continued!  I need to know when the next one is out!  It will be an auto-buy for me!

I highly recommend this book!  I got it off Amazon/Kindle for like 4 bucks.  Totally worth the money!!!!!!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Futures and Frosting (Chocolate Lovers #2) 
By Tara Sivec


This story is a continuation of Tara’s first book Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1).
Claire and Carter are together in their happy little world.  Friends around them are getting married and they are enjoying their lives.  Carter has decided that he wants to make their relationship official and ask Claire to be his wife.  This story is the journey of this happening.  There are ups and downs and laughs beyond belief.
I really enjoy Tara’s humor she puts into her characters.  I told myself I would highlight the funniest quotes from the book as I read.  I found that I highlighted over 40 different ones!  I thought that it would be easy to pick my favorites for this review, but I’m thinking no.
Some of my favorites:
“Gavin turns around and looks up at Drew with an angry look on his face.  ‘I’m going to put corn and hot sauce on your wiener and then I’ll hit you in the face with it.  Hit you in the face with your corny wiener.’ ‘Dude, you are an angry little man,’ Drew tells him and he shakes his head. ‘You’re a juice bag!’ Gavin yells.”
“In honor of the wine tours that evening, Drew dons a shirt with a picture of a corkscrew on the front that reads, “I pull out.’”
“’He peed on our chair,’ I complain, giving Drew the two-finger eye salute.  ‘You puked on my dick,’ Carter deadpans.  ‘Fine, you win,’ I say with a sigh.”
“’You’re a gigantic, stinkotic, vaginastic, clitoral, liptistic whore dizzle.”
’YOU AND YOUR STUPID RED AND WHITE STRIPED HAT!  FUCKING CATS DON’T WEAR HATS!’ Drew screams in frustration before throwing his phone against the wall.”
I also love all the pop culture references that Tara made.  Vanilla Ice, Real Housewives of Orange County and Atlanta, Say yes to the Dress, Brides by Lori…to name a few. 
“Jenny looks over and sees the horror on my face as I try to block out the mental image of moldy cheese vaginas singing, ‘Mold, mold baby,’ in the voice of Vanilla Ice in my head.”
This book is mostly humor and if you want to laugh your lazy Sunday away like I just did, it’s perfect way to do that!

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Creed by Kristen Ashley


One word…Sylvie.

I whole heartedly believe this book should have been named Sylvie.  This was HER book and I LOVE her!

Sylvie is a very strong, independent, kick ass tough woman.  She plays by her own rules and lives as she pleases.  She has a foul mouth and is truly one of the ‘guys’—from kicking ass to carrying a gun.  She has survived a horrific childhood and young adult life.  She had only one person in the whole world she counted on---Tucker Creed.

But on her 18th birthday, when they were supposed to disappear together, he disappeared from her life.  She’s been carrying that loss along with her own tortured 6 years of hell after Creed left, for the past 16 years. 

I felt Sylvie’s pain..It hurt in my gut.  Just the thoughts of what she went through those 6 years was excruciating.  It made me love her strength more.

Creed has been living his own hell these past 16 years.  We learn about what happened to Creed and why he left through Sylvie’s dreams.  The reasons are terrible..horrible and it wasn’t by choice.

Sixteen years later, Creed is called to work for Knight!  Yes!!! KNIGHT!!!  I was so excited to read about him in this book.  It made me really love him.  Knight showed how caring of a person he is by being a friend to Sylvie all these years. 

Sylvie also works for Knight.  Unbeknownst to him, they are put together to work a case. 

I love how Kristen Ashley pulled in Knight and HAWK DELGALO!!!  Yes you heard right!  Hawk is in this story!!!  (He’s from Kristen’s book Mystery Man—if you didn’t know.)  HOT!

Sylvie and Creed together was explosive.  From their initial fight (which I can’t blame her for) to the hot and steamy sex!  I had to cool off after a couple of those scenes! 

Their love is something many people strive for—and yes there are bumps—but their love is pure from when they were younger and the bond is super strong.  I felt a truly emotional connection to them. 

I highly recommend this book. 

Also, the epilogue FREAKING ROCKED!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Seduction and Snacks (Chocolate Lovers #1)

By: Tara Sivec

If you want to laugh until you pee your pants, this is the book for you! I have never laughed so much while reading a book. My husband kept looking at me like I was crazy. Finally he asked what I was reading and I gave him a few lines and he laughed too!
Claire is a single mom in her twenties who is works hard to give her son Gavin a better life. She is trying desperately to save money to begin her own company selling her delicious chocolate treats. Gavin is freaking hilarious. He has a horribly hilarious mouth and you never know what is going to come out of it! I was rolling. 

“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they cut your wiener,” Gavin sang as he pointed his gun at random objects.
“Wow, cops have gotten pretty hardcore lately” Carter muttered.”
Tara Sivec
, Seduction and Snacks

“Holy shit, did they just kill off that fish’s wife?” I blurted in shock.
“Yep,” Gavin replied. “That big, mean fish ated her.”
He said it so calmly – like it was no big deal that a sweet, loving cartoon fish just got murdered. What the fuck was wrong with this movie? This couldn’t be appropriate for kids. I didn’t think it was appropriate for me.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks
Claire knows that Gavin’s dad is from a one night stand that she had back in college. She tried desperately to find him, but didn’t know his name. It was a wild college party and she left early in the morning before exchanging the fun morning afters.
Fast forward 4 years and Carter enters her life. He is her one night stand and he doesn’t remember her…at first. So she sets out to help him remember.

Carter has been lusting after a girl he met at a party 4 years earlier and was crushed he woke up to an empty bed. The biggest thing he remembers about her is the smell of chocolate—her smell. He has tired looking for her and came up empty.

The supporting characters in this story are freaking hilarious. Claire’s BFF Liz has been there for her for years. Carter’s BFF is an ogre who has no manners, but wears the funniest shirts. The stuff that comes out of his mouth is hilarious.
I highly recommend reading this book. Do I wish there was a meatier story..yes… But the comedy makes up for anything lacking in my eyes. I will be rereading this book soon. It was piss your pants funny!

“And let’s face it people, no one is ever honest with you about child birth. Not even your mother. “It’s a pain you forget all about once you have that sweet little baby in your arms.” Bullshit. I CALL BULLSHIT. Any friend, cousin, or nosey-ass stranger in the grocery store that tells you it’s not that bad is a lying sack of shit. Your vagina is roughly the size of the girth of a penis. It has to stretch and open andturn into a giant bat cave so the life-sucking human you’ve been growing for nine months can angrily claw its way out. Who in their right mind would do that willingly? You’re just walking along one day and think to yourself, “You know, I think it’s time I turn my vagina into an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar (minus the cheddar) and saddle myself down for a minimum of eighteen years to someone who will suck the soul and the will to live right out of my body so I’m a shell of the person I used to be and can’t get laid even if I pay for it.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

Unforgivable (Untouchable, 2)

By: Lindsay Delagair

Leese and Micah are finally going to get their happily ever after….or are they.


Micah has gotten out of the mob and has created a new life for himself. It revolves around….Leese and making her happy.

Leese and Micah are planning their upcoming wedding. There is build up to the wedding and the wedding night. The wedding night didn’t boom as I would have liked. This girl waiting for marriage to do the deed but, she was in pain…not very climatic.

The Mr. and Mrs. Only have a night together before everything gets flipped. Micah has people in the mob who want him back and will do whatever they can to get him back.

Leese ends up getting threatened and she leaves….with Ryan! This causes lots of commotion between Micah and his family. I didn’t buy it. I was not sold on this. I kept saying to myself….why doesn’t she go talk to Micah if she is so in love with him and tell him what the mob guy threatened?? Why run?? It boggled my mind and wasn’t believable. This girl waited all this time for Micah and then all the sudden she’s just going to leave?? And they buy it???? Not me!

The part in this book that is so far stretched in my mind is Micah decides to buy into a television show Remade. Remade is a reality show where non-singer celebrities or news makers go on and learn to sing. Leese gets approached to be on the show and ends up meeting back up with Micah unbeknownst to her. This was way to American Idol/Dancing with the Stars for me for a book. I couldn’t get into it.

After meeting back up with each other, the mob guy drugs Micah and he ends up raping Leese!!! Yes you heard me right!!!! He beat the hell out of her! I was floored when I read this. I had a hard time liking or even being fond of Micah after that.

Leese ends up telling him about the threats and he goes in to save the day. We really don’t learn what he did.

This book is a YA book and I am not usually reading those, so maybe this is skewed a bit. But I didn’t feel this book. I didn’t care for it and I am seriously reconsidering reading #3 in the series.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Well if you couldn't already tell, I am very new to this blogging thing.  I am still learning.  I do not have all my reviews up currently.  You can go to my Goodreads page and see them until I get them moved over. Thanks for stopping by!
UnRidden Studs in Spurs by Cat Johnson

Summary:  Two hot cowboys meet one city girl and one falls in love. 

Contains spoilers:

I had higher hopes for this one.  My problem was, I kept comparing it to Lorelei James' Rough Riders the first one.  I know that is probably not fair, but the story had the same feel.

The major difference was character build up and connection.  With Unridden, I didn't feel that connection between Slade and Jenna.  I felt it more with Mustang and Jenna.  But, even that connection didn't feel like a lasting one.  More like as she called it 'a booty call'. 

I like when I read books and the characters feel like I can reach out and touch them.  Here. I didn't get that feeling. 

That being said the sex scenes were pretty hot with lots of m/f/m action. 
Make Me Sir by Cherise Sinclair

This is one of my favorites of this series that I have read.

Quick Summary:  Gabi is an victims advocate who goes undercover at Shadowlands to catch a horrible kidnapper who kidnapped her friend and is selling the women on the black market as slaves.  Master Marcus is her 'trainer'.  Sparks fly.

I love that this book had a story that I could get into.  I loved the action and the strong will of Gabi.  She is a powerful woman and character in this book.  I loved how she stood up for herself and yet..was a total submissive in the bedroom. 
Marcus...southern boy drawl..was HOT!!!!!  I'm pretty sure he is my favorite of the doms. He is loving, caring and I didn't feel that coldness that I felt from the others. He is a dom I would love to take HOME!!!!!!!!!!

I love how this story brings together the characters from the previous stories and lets us know what has been happening with them. 
Overall great read!  LOVED IT!
Mystery Man  by Kristen Ashley

What an awesome story!!!

Okay so once I got past the mystery guy coming into her bedroom for A YEAR AND A HALF!!!  and having sex with her...and her not telling him to get the f*** out!!!!!!  I fell in love with the story. 

Quick Summary:
Gwen allows the mystery man to come into her bedroom and sleep with her (well have sex with her) for a year and a half and never asks him his name.  So she doesn't know who he is... but he knows exactly who she is.  Cabe aka Hawk is her mystery man.  Total alpha hot male.  He is very protective of what is his and he considers Gwen his.

She is not to apt to that after meeting him in the daylight because of his man..take care of you...neanderthal ways.  But it ends he wont take no for an answer. And when Gwen's druggie of a sister Ginger gets Gwen into some serious situations....Hawk is there..well watching her like a hawk.  He is her protector.  There are also 2 other alpha males in this story that have a thing for Ms. Gwen..(she's getting all the hot guys).  Lawson and Tack the two other alphas.  One a man of the law and the other the leader of a biker club.  The author wove these characters into the story quite well.  I believed with everything that all of these men had part of them that loved Gwen and wanted to protect her.

There was lots of action and intrigue throughout the story.  When i thought the story was over and the 'happy ending' kept going adding many other layers to the characters and the story.  I was very impressed. 

I loved Hawk and though he was way on the alpha side...he was a sweetheart and only wanted to protect Gwen from the Bad ass life. 
The relationship started off creepy..but ended'll have to read and find out.

I strongly recommend reading this book!!
Damaged Goods by Lainey Reese

OMG! This book was hot! 
Meet Brice.  Hot cop who is trying to solve the murder of a young girl.  He is a Dom...big time.  He owns a club with his cousin and friend where he goes and plays.  With all the stress of his Detective work, he goes to the club for fun.  In walks in a beautiful little red head, terryn.  She is very new to the scene and wants to be a sub. Well, she meets the one and only Brice and things get hot between them. 
The murder strikes again...and Brice is sent to investigate.  The parts were the author describes the killings made my skin crawl, but I suppose that was the mood she wanted to set. I don't want to give anything away, but it did take me till almost the end to get clued into who the killer was.  The author did a good job writing this.

The scenes at thee club were hot, hot, hot.  One scene in particular made me gasp...I loved it. I don't know much about the club scene, but after reading...hmmm....

I really liked that this book was an actual story and the plot went throughout the entire cast of the story.  We meed many characters (which I didn't know this was book now I have to get book 1)--but we get a glimpse of what the characters from the first book are up to.  We also meet Brice's partner, Angie, Jenny and many others that pull you into the story.  The story is well rounded in my opinion.  Not wam-bam...but an actual plot with hot, hot, hot...lovin! 

I recommend this book to anyone who loves a steamy read filled with romance, suspense, some BDSM and a hot, hot leading man!
The Mighty Storm   by  Samantha Towle

I read several reviews on this book so i dove right in. Its a fairly long book, but it has great character build up.

Jake...oh Jake. I fell hard for this bad boy...who's not so bad. Jake is a rock god and has achieved fame and fortune at a very young age. But never love, because he left that behind when he was fourteen years old. Jake has lost of demons that he is trying to bury, but they keep coming out to haunt him. To me these demons makes him real and i connected with him deeply.

Enter Tru, Trudy.  She's a music journalist who long ago was best friends and in love with Jake until he abruptly moved away at fourteen.  The magazine she writes for lands a huge interview with The Jake, and Tru reluctantly goes to do the interview.

Sparks definitely fly between them, but it takes some build up before anything happens.
Oh did I mention that Tru has a boyfriend...ummm yeah Will. The author does a great job interweaving this triangle throughout the first half of the book.  I personally may not have agreed with choices made, but I defiantly felt for all the characters.

The only complaint I have is there are lots and lots of typos. Which made reading parts hard, because i had to go back and reread. That's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
If you can look past the typos, you will find a very character enriched love story. I loved Jake and Tru.
Speaking of typos, please excuse any in this review as i am writing on a tablet and its giving me issues. Happy reading!

So after laying in bed last night thinking about Jake and tru I am going to amend my rating to a 5. yes there were many typos but the story was so good I can't knock it. I sooo felt for Jake. I could still fell his love, lust, addiction pain and loss way after finishing the book. Therefore it gets 5 stars from me!

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Review of On Dublin Street by:  Samantha Young

On Dublin Street is a tale of a woman who leaves the states (Virginia to be exact) to escape her demons there.  She moves to Scotland, the birthplace of her mother and attends school there.  Joss is a strong woman, but has many hurts and flaws.  Her parents and sister die at a very early age and it causes her to 'rebel'.  She has never escaped her families’ death and lives with it daily. She has vowed never to get close to anyone.  This in her mind will get away from the hurt of her families demise. 
Braden is a Scottish alpha male who is a hot hot hunk!  He usually has a hot, tall, blonde on his arm most of the time.  From the first time he meets Joss (hot, shorter and brown hair) he is hot.  He has his own demons that he is healing from.  Mainly an ex that was a cold, gold-digging cheater. 
Joss is on the market for a new apartment and finds one On Dublin Street with Ellie.  Ellie is a beautiful PhD student. 
Low and behold Ellie's brother is Braden, which is how the two begin to get to know each other.  With Joss' not getting close to anyone philosophy, Braden strikes up a deal with her.  No strings attached sex.  She's all for it. 
Can they stay that way??  Or will Joss's walls finally come down?? 
My thoughts.  I loved these characters.  Joss..oh Joss.  She is such a strong--stand up for herself woman.  She is also so hurt inside and 'broken' as she called it over the loss of her family.  I felt the depth of her pain.  I wanted to cry--even though she couldn't. man.  I heard is Scottish accent with each word that was written!  It made me have goose bumps!  I love that he was strong and wouldn't let Joss go. He knew what he wanted, just had to make Joss see it. 
This story was a nice romantic story.  It didn't have people getting killed or someone attacking (for the most part). It had lots of emotional ups and downs. 
I highly recommend reading it!