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Blog Tour: Chasing the Stars by J.D. Rivera

Mackenzie Blanchard’s life wasn’t easy; never had been, never would be. She thought things were looking up when she started yet another new school her senior year. She made friends and was enjoying life the best she could.

One friendship turned into something more, and just when she felt safe, things were ripped apart.

Hayes Morgan had never cared about anyone but himself. He was living the life he wanted, just having fun. He never dreamed that he would fall for the new girl in school.

What started out as a sweet friendship turned into something he never thought possible, until she vanished...

Their paths collide a year after they last saw each other, but they are both harboring secrets. Will they be able to trust and love each other again, or will the secrets rip them apart forever?
This book kept me reading in be until on a Sunday afternoon and I regret nothing!  I was completely pulled into this second chance love story and read this in one sitting.
Mackenzie has just started at a new high school.  Most students would be nervous about this but she is used to it, her parents don't stay in one place for very long so putting down roots anywhere just isn;t an option.  Mackenzie's father is an alcoholic who drifts from one job to another and is prone to taking out all of his frustrations on her.
Hayes Morgan is in her first class of the day and she definitely takes notice of this gorgeous guy who seems to befriend her on her first day.  This strange coupling seems to confuse all the other students who have never seen the 'man whore' Hayes just being friends with a girl.  As Hayes gets to know Mac more he learns just how awful her home life really is and he becomes very protective of her.  It feels good to have someone looking out for her and it further cements their friendship.
Eventually friendship turns to more and these two face the truth, that they feel more for each other.  I love seeing a guy who is a bit of a douche having that light bulb moment and being completely swept up with a girl who is his 'one.'
When everything seems to be going along nicely, Hayes does something that has huge consequences for them both and Mac in turn discovers something that changes everything.  In the blink of an eye Mac has vanished and Hayes is left absolutely heartbroken.
One year later Hayes walks into a coffee shop and there Mac is.  The girl who haunts his dreams is right there in front of him.  Both of them have changed over the past twelve months and there is a lot to talk about. When all the truth comes out will they find that there has been too much water under the bridge to remain friends?
I loved this sweet second chance love story, especially the last few chapters *swoon*  Perfect weekend read to just escape into a book.
I give this 4 stars
J.D. Rivera lives in Oklahoma with her husband and two boys. Her life consists of school projects, homework, cartoon shows, and little league sports. She loves Diet Mountain Dew, the OKC Thunder, costume jewelry, the beach, and reading.



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Blog Tour: Something More by Jenna Tyler

Title: Something More
Author: Jenna Tyler
Release Date: April 11, 2014
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Rebecca Michaels has finally grown tired of her monotonous life and is ready to make a drastic change. Now that her daughter, Charlie, is away at college, there has never been a more perfect time to make it happen. 

Packing up and leaving behind all she's ever known, she eagerly ventures out in search of what the world, outside of this dull town, has in store for her. 

When she first encounters Andrew Chambers, a mysteriously sexy and seemingly wealthy stranger, she doesn't think she will ever stand a chance with someone like him. Little does she know just how wrong she is or how fierce an attraction the two of them would immediately share. Although, lavish attention and on-demand orgasms are not something she's going to complain about, the speed and intensity with which Andrew pursues her is almost more than she can handle. 

Rebecca Michaels wanted an adventure, but the one that awaits her isn't necessarily what she had in mind.
I have to start by saying that it was so refreshing to read a story about a 40 year old woman falling love.
Rebecca has decided to start afresh in a new city and a new job.  Her daughter has just started college and after divorcing her husband 16 years ago, she is ready for something new.  It only takes one day for that something new to happen and it comes in the form of Andrew Chambers.  He is a very sexy, successful man with a very high public image.  People are fascinated by him and women fawn all over him.
These two have one of those insta-love moments when their eyes meet, they are completely drawn to each other and so begins this intense whirlwind romance between them.  Drew (Andrew) completely sweeps Becca off her feet with sweeping gestures and heartfelt moments that will leave you swooning for him.
I love how at times Becca battles with the intensity of her feelings for Drew but ends up just giving into the moment and taking that leap of faith with him.  Trusting him with her heart and going with what she is feeling.  However, the pace of this story is off the scale.  Moments in this couples relationship, that usually take months to get to, all happen in one week, let me repeat that, one week!
Just when you think that this story is all done and dusted the author throws a bit of a twist in just to keep you on your toes!
So yes, I did enjoy this sweet story but at times I did struggle with the pace of it.
I give this 3.5 stars
Drew drives us up the coast. The views are astonishing. I thought he wouldn't be taking us far, but it seems I was wrong. About an hour goes by and he finally pulls off of the road. It doesn't look like much to me. “What are we doing?” I ask.

“We are going to go to a scenic spot, as I said. But it's a little further up the hill. We will have to walk from here. You might want to put your other shoes back on.” I frown. I don't want to put those things back on. My feet are happy being out of shoes. I take a deep breath and let out a sigh.

Reaching into the back seat, I find my shoes and socks. They are still sweaty. Note to self…bring extra socks next time. “Ugh. This is gross.” He laughs a little. Scrunching up my face in disgust, I pull on my sweaty socks and I just want to gag. It feels so nasty. I get my shoes on and look at him, all gorgeous and perfect. It's not fair.

“Come. I'm excited for you to see this.”

My brain lingers on that first word for a moment. Get your mind out of the gutter, Becca.

We head up the hill and through the trees, hand-in-hand. It makes me smile. I follow his lead around rocks and limbs. I can hear the ocean below. It sounds so serene and beautiful. The sound seems to get closer as we continue on. About twenty minutes into our little hike, the trees seem to part and there before me is the most magical view. My breath hitches. “Oh my. This is absolutely breathtaking.”

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see that he is looking at me and not the scene before us. I want to look at him, but I can't take my eyes off of the view. “How did you ever find this?” I vaguely hear him smile. At least, I think that's what it was.

“I came across it on one of my hikes. I sometimes hike off the path and this is what I found. I come here once in a while to relax or think. No one ever bothers me here.” I tear my eyes away from the view to look for a spot to sit and maybe a tree to lean back against.

Drew sees what I'm looking for so he ushers me over to a spot and we sit down together. It’s the perfect spot. He puts his arm around me and pulls me in close. I fight the urge to rest my head on his chest because I don't want to skew my view. Instead, I place my hand on his leg and just lean in. “Thank you for bringing me here. It's perfect,” I whisper.

“The pleasure is all mine, Rebecca.”

After what seems like hours, I think my butt has fallen asleep so I shift. Yep, it's numb and tingly. Ouch. I grimace and lean over and rub it. Drew looks down at me with a grin. “Problem?”

I look up at him with a scrunched up nose. “Er. Yeah. My butt's asleep and it hurts.”

He chuckles. “Well, we can't have that now, can we? Do you need help waking it up?” he says with a wicked smirk. I roll my eyes at him, although the thought of him rubbing my backside does sound appealing.

“Maybe not this time. Walking back to the truck should help get some life back into it.” He stands and offers his hand to help me up. I take it and he pulls me into his arms and kisses me deeply. There's nothing like his touch to make me forget everything. I snake my arms around his neck and pull him in tighter. Our lips part and our tongues find each other once again. A little moan escapes me as our tongues find a rhythm. It suddenly hits me that I do not want to have sex on a first date... or maybe even on the second date. I have to stop this kiss or I will be having sex here in the bushes, with a numb butt, in broad daylight.

I pull away, panting and breathless, stepping back several feet. He is in the same state I'm in, but he seems a little confused. “Sorry,” I say. “If we continue like that, I might end up doing things I'm not quite ready to do. I just don't think sex on the first date is my cup of tea.” He smiles and steps towards me like he wasn't done. I hold out my arm to stop his approach. His smile gets wider. Oh my. He's so fucking gorgeous.

“Did you hear what I said?” I ask firmly. Drew continues to approach me. “I'm serious, Drew. Do I need to go get my pepper spray?” I question, only half joking.

He stops, arms up as if to surrender. “Okay. I'll stop…for now. But I can tell that you want more.”

I flush. “Maybe so, but not tonight. Not on a first date. I'm not a tramp.”

“I wouldn't think any less of you, but I can feel this pull between us. It's not a normal feeling people have and you are an extraordinary woman. There is no way I could ever think of you as a tramp.”

I smile shyly. “Thank you, but I would still feel better if we waited, at least until tomorrow,” I challenge.

He raises his eyebrows, and then twists his expression to a wicked one. My core twitches at the thought of what he could do to me. I raise an eyebrow at him. We laugh and head back to the Hummer, hand-in-hand. As has become customary, he opens the door for me and I settle in. I watch his smooth movements as he walks around to his side. He hops in and starts the truck, getting the air blowing. He looks over at me with a look on his face. Frustration?

“Tomorrow, huh?” he teases, and we chuckle again.

“Well, I can't give you all the goods in one day, Mr. Chambers. I have to give you something to look forward to. Thrill of the chase and all that.” He grins and leans over to kiss me again, just a quick one this time.

“Oh, I think there is plenty to look forward to, Ms. Michaels. Plenty.” With a childish grin on his face, he puts his arm across the back of my seat and turns to look out the back window to back out. He pulls out of the lot and we head back to the interstate.
- I am EXTREMELY sarcastic. You don’t know if I’m really a bitch or not...which I totally am. My sense of humor doesn’t always register with others, but I get a kick out of myself.

- My first book boyfriend was Edward Cullen. I hadn’t read a book in about 15 years before my daughter insistently persisted that I read Twilight. Once I started, I couldn’t put them down. I read them all in 5 days and then reread them a week later. It opened up a whole new world for me. I started out all vampy going from Vampire Diaries to Sookie Stackhouse to every other vampire book I could get a hold of. I still love my vamps. And then came 50. That was the series that put smut on my radar and I haven’t looked back since. (I crave Gavin)

- Reality TV...well TV in general, but reality TV is a lifeline. I was raised watching TV and my mom is more addicted to it than I am (apparently it’s possible). I seriously watch tons of it.

- To go along with #3, I’ve watched every season of The Real World (except one...Cancun) from the very beginning and still watch them and the challenges. (I <3 CT)

- I missed my calling to be a healthcare provider. I should’ve been a doctor or RN. I love it and am quite knowledgeable in it. I should download a diploma and just call myself a doctor. That’ll work right? I often wonder if some of the doctors these days did that.

- I eat peanut butter (with syrup) on my pancakes, waffles, and French toast. If you haven’t tried this, YOU MUST! Now my kids won’t eat them any other way.

- I have 5 tattoos and have at least 5 more I want to get. And my tramp stamp needs a touch-up while my ankle probably needs a complete cover up. Also, I got my first one when I was 17. Can you say illegal? Whoops. My bad.

- I’m usually honest...sometimes to a fault and sometimes a little too harsh.

- I met some of my favorite people online (and some I’d rather forget)

- I’m so much cooler online. In person, I’m shy, usually quiet, and sometimes awkward. Unless I know you, then it’s game on.

- I won’t lend out my actual books for fear of them getting bent, scratched, etc. A hurt book is a sad book. But I will lend out Eat, Pray, Love (was good to read once, not worth a reread)...go figure.

- I’m double-jointed *wink wink*

- The number 413 (my birthday) is weaved throughout my life in different ways. It is MY number and I see it everywhere...usually daily. If you pay attention, you’ll notice it in my books in some form or fashion.
I was born and raised in South/Central Florida. Currently residing in Texas, I love spending time with my fur-baby, Roxy… and sometimes my kids (when they behave). I enjoyed writing poems as a teenager, but it was short-lived. I didn’t become an avid reader until… Twilight and became obsessed. My passion for reading led to stories and characters nagging at me. Then a friend suggested I write it out and have now released my debut novel, Something More.

I'm currently writing another novel and short story for an anthology.


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Blog Tour: Chains by Kelli Maine

By: Kelli Maine
Release Date: September 22, 2014
Chained To The Past.

On the brink of going pro in MMA, Tyler Graves has defied his past—a past where going to jail for beating the hell out of his foster father took him away from the girl he loved and swore to protect, leaving her in the house of the man who abused them both.

Chained To Regret.

No matter how much time has passed, Danielle Debasco weighs on Ty’s mind and conscience. He was supposed to save her, instead he abandoned her.

Chained To Love.

To free Danny from the abusive man who still haunts her, Ty’s faced with sacrificing his future by finishing what he started four years ago—taking vengeance. But, this time will be different. This time he won’t stop until the horrors of their past are sealed not just in blood, but in death.
Well this was really different.  It is a contemporary romance with a bit of fairy tale and some graphic novel thrown in too.  I'll admit I was drawn in by the cover and the MMA fighter temptation but this was more than that.
Tyler, Danny & Alex grew up together in a foster home.  Theirs is not a nice fluffy story.  The foster father used to regularly beat them and was a very cruel man.  As soon as they each turned 18 each of them could not leave the house fast enough.  Danny (Danielle) was the youngest and when Tyler left he promised to come back for her.  He never did.
Four years later and Tyler is an MMA fighter about to turn pro when his opponent taunts him about Danny.  He is blindsided by this and then sets out to find her, he wants to fulfill his promise to look after her.
The Danny he finds is far from the one he remembers.  She has had a harrowing life since he last saw her and it shows.  Tyler is determined to fix her and with Alex's help they can all make better lives for themselves.
There is evil lurking around every corner though, keeping them constantly looking over their shoulders.  Can Tyler really create the happy ever after that Danny dreams of?
This was a very different read for me.  Not a very long story but I didn't feel like it needed to be any longer than what it was.  There is a fairy tale being told at the beginning of each chapter which is a bit unusual but it all made sense in the full context of the story.
I give this 3.5 stars
“Did you ever try to find your mom?” Danny asked me. She’d insisted on coming downstairs for lunch the next day.
“Sip slow,” I told her, handing her a cup of chicken broth. “No. I never tried to find her.”
“Do you ever think about it?” she asked, taking a couple crackers out of the box I set on the table.
“No. She took off on me. I don’t want to force my way into someone’s life who doesn’t want me there.”
She made an, “Mmm,” sound, nodding and staring into her mug. “What about you?” I asked. “Have you talked to your mom?”
Danny was taken away. Her mom wanted her, but she couldn’t take care of her. When we were with Striker, she’d make wishes on stars and dandelion fuzz and birthday candles for her mom to take her back home, but her mom never got her shit together.
“A couple years ago,” Danny said, “Striker told me she overdosed.”
I put down the glass of water I’d poured her a bit too hard, with a thunk that echoed. “She’s dead?”
“That’s what he said.”
I watched her take a sip of her broth, hesitant to say what I was thinking. But it was Danny, and she’d have already thought it, too. “Was he lying?”
She shook her head. “I looked it up online at the library. Found her obituary. It didn’t mention a daughter.”
I sank into the chair beside her and took her hand. “You know what sucked the worst about my mom leaving me? She didn’t want to know me anymore. I mean, it was fucking shitty of her to abandon her kid, but after that, when I was alone at night in the dark I thought about how she didn’t know I liked to draw.”
“You lived to draw,” Danny said, squeezing my hand.
“Yeah, and she had no idea. She didn’t know that when she left the lady next door made me sleep on an old dog bed infested with fleas and sprayed me off with the hose instead of letting me shower.”
“How can people be so cruel? You were a little kid.”
“We were both little kids, Dan. People are fucking animals. They take care of their own and screw everyone else.”
“Not everybody,” she said.
I thought about Mike. “No, I guess not everybody. Most people.”
“I thought my mom wanted me,” she said. “I thought she’d try to get me back. When they took me away, she cried and promised she’d do everything she had to so we’d be together again.” She looked up at me with watery blue eyes. “She lied. She never tried to get me back.”
The pained expression on her face gripped me inside and twisted. I hated her mom. I hated Striker. I hated my own mom. How could they all do this to us? Then it hit me. I promised to go back for her, and I never did. Just like her mom.
I leaned forward, pressing her hand against my chest and my lips to her temple. “I want you, Danielle. I want you in my life. I always have. I was selfish and caught up in setting things right first, but I never forgot about you.”
She turned to me and stroked my cheek. Her eyes roamed my face, her sorrow of past memories gone. She watched her fingertips grazed my lips and lifted her eyes to mine, asking permission.
My heart drummed. I took her hand away and cupped her face, bringing her close enough to feel her breath on my cheek. I ran the tip of my nose up and down the ridge of hers before tilting her head and securing my lips against hers.
It was like breathing in life. Like I’d only been keeping myself alive with air in my lungs, food and water, but this—Danny in my arms with our lips seeking and discovering—this was really being alive. 
The tip of her tongue edged along my bottom lip and started a fire in my gut. I dropped my hands from her face and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her onto my lap. Our tongues darted in and out, shy and bold at the same time, learning the feel of each other. How could Danny—my Danny—still have part of her for me to discover?
The thought sent my mind south of her navel. Danny wasn’t the girl she used to be. If I were honest, I’d admit to myself that I’d noticed it when we were teenagers. She’d gotten hips and breasts and a firm, round ass. By the time she was fourteen, it was hard to look at her like she was the same little girl anymore. I never thought of her as a sister. Maybe if we’d lived in a house that was like an actual family instead of an abusive nightmare.
Sitting here with her ass pressed against my crotch and her lips and tongue slick and hot against mine, I was so fucking happy I’d never thought of her as my sister, or I’d be in for some serious guilt. There was no way I was turning back from being this close to her.
I wanted more.
I wanted closer.
I wanted inside her.
She parted her lips from mine, panting, and looked at me with hazy eyes. The last thing I wanted was to pressure her, scare her. “Should we stop?” I asked, hearing the deep rasp of lust in my voice.
She gazed into my eyes for a moment before shaking her head and falling back into our kiss.
I stood, picking her up in my arms, and carried her upstairs. In the bedroom, I laid her down on the bed and straddled her, sitting on my knees with my hands on either side of her head. “I need you to tell me if you don’t want to do this,” I said. “Or if you want me to stop.”
She gave me a sinful smile and looked up at me with those lusty, hooded eyes. “I’ve wanted this for as long as I knew what sex was, Tyler.” She ran her hands up my thighs. “I wanted this to take away what I didn’t want. To replace it with you. Someone who cared. Someone safe.”
Kelli Maine is the erotic romance author of USA Today Bestseller and #1 Nook book, Taken, and the Give & Take series, along with the Dolls & Doms novellas and Chains. She lives in Northeast Ohio with her husband and kids. When she's not writing, Kelli enjoys watching reality T.V., getting lost in random Wikipedia pages and searching online ads for vintage muscle cars.
 Favorite Author: Diana Gabaldon
Favorite Food: Japanese
Favorite Superhero: Spiderman
Favorite Place I've Been: Yucatan Peninsula
Writing Must Haves: Coffee and chocolate
Plotter or Pantser: Proud Pantser
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Cover Reveal and Excerpt: Easy Virtue by Mia Asher

 Easy Virtue by Mia Asher
RELEASE DATE: December 3rd, 2014

Love is selfish...

My name is Blaire.
I’m the bad girl.
The other woman.
The one who never gets the guy in the end.

I’m the gold digger.
The bitch.
The one no one roots for.
The one you love to hate.

I hate myself too.

Everyone has a story. Are you ready for mine?

 Add on Goodreads: Easy Virtue


What is love?
I don’t know.
I’ve never had it.
Is it even real?

No, I don’t think so. I mean, how can I believe in love when I’ve never witnessed
it? When it seems to only exist in books and films, or in the lives of more fortunate
people than me? Trust me, I know.

Love is my personal chimera.
I am gazing at brown eyes, admiring the richness of the color, the beauty of the
man to whom they belong to.

“You’re so beautiful, Blaire ... so wet,” he murmurs, his hand going between my
legs as he begins to rub me. His fingers spread me open to their soft invasion, tuning my
body to his wants and needs, preparing me to be taken as the hot friction of his touch
lights a wild fire within my body. It’s not the first time he has touched me like this, but
each time feels better and better—the sensations all-consuming and heady.

One finger.
Two fingers.
One finger.
Two fingers.
Over and over again.

His invasion is fast and slow, deep and shallow. His touch is soiled heaven.

As I open my legs wider for him, I wonder if it feels this good because of him or
because I’m taking something that doesn’t belong to me and making it mine.
“Oh God ... I love you, Blaire. I love you ... I love you ...” he pants in my ear.
“Don’t stop ... it feels so good,” I breathe.
Okay, maybe it’s because at this moment in time this man thinks he loves me and
no one else but me, however false his proclamation may be.

I close my eyes as his lips land on mine. He kisses me softly as if I’m made out of
gold, kissing me with that familiar mouth I’ve seen smile tenderly at me so many times
before. The assault of his tongue debilitates me but doesn’t incapacitate me.
“It’s four dollars, gorgeous,” the cute barista says, smiling at me.
I’m about to pay for my cappuccino when I hear a deep, manly voice say, “Let me
get that for you.”

A man wearing a beige suit comes forward, standing next to me as he hands the
barista some bills. “I’ve seen you around ... you’re Paige’s friend.”
I smile, licking my suddenly dry lips. “Thank you, and yes ... I know Paige.”

The smile on his handsome face seems to freeze as his gaze follows the tip of my
tongue, the spark of hunger brightening his eyes. Inwardly, I smile because who knew
it was so easy to make men desire me, particularly when I went without attention for so
“My pleasure. Are you,” he coughs, “here with someone else?”
I shake my head and look at him through fluttering eyelashes. “No, I’m here all by
myself.” I pause, touching his arm invitingly, and smile. “Would you like to join me?”
He looks around the coffee shop, probably considering if he should, if it’s proper
to do so, but less than five seconds later, he’s staring at me once again. “Sure.”

Yes, just like that.

The beige walls are spinning.

The clock is ticking.

The bedsprings creak as the moon cries outside the motel window.
And the man above me kisses me while he fingers me, preparing me for him.

Gotta love such a thoughtful man.
I can taste his sweet saliva mixing with mine, and I love it.
“Please,” I beg against his lips, reaching for his hard cock and wrapping my
fingers around it. “I’m ready.”

I feel his mouth leave mine as he begins to make his way down my partially
dressed body. “Are you sure, Blaire? Are you sure you want to do this with me?”
I open my eyes to witness what I think I want him to do. No, what I’m sure I want
him to do. I can’t help the smile I feel playing on my lips as I see him struggling with his
conscience. He asks me if I’m sure when he has already fucked my mouth with his cock
countless number of times, when his fingers have filled every orifice of my body. Should
I laugh? No ... I decide to take pity instead.
“I’m sure, so sure,” I say, letting my arms land like dead weight on the bed, the
cheap fabric rough against my skin.
“All right.”

When I feel the bed dip between my legs, I instinctively open them for him and
watch as he brings a condom package to his mouth. As he rips it open with his teeth, I
admire his perfect full lips that emphasize how masculine he is.
I feel pleased with myself.
So fucking pleased because he wants me.
Mr. Callahan wants me. Me. Can you believe it? Chubby Blaire. Ugly and
awkward Blaire.
Unlovable Blaire.

I guess I’m not that ugly anymore. My body? What was considered fat as a child
is now called boobs and ass. Guys want it. They want me. They want to touch me, grope
me, feel me ... they want to screw me. And it feels good to be wanted ... so good. It
makes me feel powerful, and like a potent drug spreading inside your bloodstream, I want

I need more.
“Hurry up,” I say, not bothering to be shy or coy about it. I mean, he brought me
here to have sex, right?
“Fuck, give me a second, Blaire. Trying to get the damn condom on my dick.”
As he rolls the rubber on his stiff dick, his eyes wonder over my bare chest, my face,
my spread legs. Shaking his head as if trying to clear his mind, he mutters, “You’re so

beautiful. I want you so much.”
That’s not the first time I have heard those words come out of a man’s mouth.
Josh tells me all the time how beautiful I am, how perfect I am, how much he wants me,
how much he loves me. But he’s my friend with benefits. The words kind of lose their
meaning when it’s the same person saying them to you over and over again.
“Show me.”

Those two words are all it takes for him to spread my legs wider with his hands
and finally enter me with his throbbing dick. Pain shoots through my body, and a groan
escapes my mouth when he covers my body with his. I feel his whole length inside me in
one deep thrust.
“Christ, you’re so tight.”
He lifts both my legs, wrapping them around his lean waist and starts to thrust.
Hard. It hurts. But I like the pain. It sobers me.

And that’s when reality comes crashing down on me. It hits me with the speed and
blinding power of a torpedo, making me realize what I’m doing. What I’m giving away
and the man doesn’t even know it.What the hell am I doing?
Proving that you are your mother’s daughter.
Making her proud.

The room is filled with the noises of the man grunting his pleasure and the wet
slapping of our skin; it makes me want to gag. I want to throw up. Maybe it’s the alcohol
I drank.
Maybe it’s self-disgust.

The initial pain is gone and now I just feel sore. And strange.
His beautiful face lowers, his lips about to connect with mine, and I feel the bile
rise inside my throat. I turn my face to the side, his kiss landing on my cheek. My eyes
watch the way the lights in the bathroom illuminate all its used and dirty ugliness.
“Oh God, I’m going to come ... I’m going to come ... I’m going to come,” he
continues to pant in my ear, pumping in and out of my body. Before I know what’s
happening, he half-screams and half groans, his body going tense on top of mine.
And just like that it’s over. In less than five minutes I’ve managed to kill a part of
Our breathing evens and he pulls out, moving to stand up. I push myself up on
my elbows to see him inspect his condom. It still glistens. By the time he lifts his eyes,
connecting with mine, I’ve already wrapped my body with the duvet cover.
Confusion, shock, and pleasure reflect in those brown eyes. “I-I didn’t know ... I
...” His hands go to his hair as we stare at each other. “I didn’t know you were a virgin.”
I shrug my shoulder carelessly, causing the duvet to slide down, exposing my bare
breasts to him. His eyes immediately flare with lust. “It doesn’t matter ... I wanted it to be
And that’s the truth.

“But nothing. If it bothers you, then forget it happened. I already did,” I say,
ending the conversation.
This is my body. I will have the last word. Not him. Not anyone. This is my life.
This is my decision.
Without giving myself a chance to doubt my next words, I turn to look at him in
all his naked beauty, the gold wedding ring on his finger catching my attention. “Don’t
worry, Mr. Callahan ... I won’t tell your daughter that you fucked her classmate.”

And with that, I seal my destiny.

My name is Mia Asher.
I'm a writer, a hopeless romantic, a wanderer, a dreamer, a cynic, and a believer.
And, oh yes...I might be a bit crazy - but who isn't?