Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Suddenly A New Life by Stacy L. Mantlo & C. Shivers


Since the unexpected death of her beloved husband, Sky Kendrick has been merely surviving day by day for the last two years until her crazy, witty, takes- no- crap best friend pushes her to get out of town in hopes of getting her life back. Sky is unsure she has the ability to do what her friend is asking—get out of her rut and try to create a real life again—even though it’s for the best. On her way to a sunny beach in Florida, things don't go as she planned. 

Fletcher Smith is an ex- Navy Seal. He has kept everyone at a distance ever since he returned from his last mission. Now retired from the military, he has his own private investigation company. Fletcher prefers solitude and has no plans for that to change. So when a sassy-mouthed beauty from Georgia suddenly, desperately needs his help, he hopes he can put the harsh life of combat behind him and move ahead. 

Can Sky and Fletcher heal, change, and reach out to each other for a chance at love? 

Could this be her second chance at love again?

I really enjoyed the bones of this story.  At times I felt like there was a lot of external drama going on with other characters in this story that I didn't think was necessary, it just created distraction from Fletcher and Sky's story.  Some drama is okay but sometimes less is more.

Having said that, I did have fun reading this and the interactions between this couple.

I give this 3.5 stars.

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