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Blog Tour: Sweet Something by K.C. Harper

Sweet Something
Series: Sweet Series #1
Author: K.C. Harper
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 31, 2014
When Tyler Reese sets his sights on Bar Harbor Maine, he has no idea it will change his life…forever. After being left at the altar by his fiancĂ©, Tyler runs away from his past and love, only to find that what he really wants is right in front of him. Grace Carter spent most of her life caring for her two younger sisters after her mother abandoned them at a young age. After her boyfriend of three years breaks her heart when he leaves her for a tourist passing through town, Grace closes her heart off to love...that is until she meets the man who will mend her broken heart one kiss at a time. Tyler breaks down the walls surrounding Grace’s heart, making her question her plans for giving up on love.

Can they both find a way to love again?
This is a really sweet story about two people who have individually been on the receiving end of heartache and have decided that maybe love isn't for them.

Grace lives in the small town of Bay Harbour Maine and has assumed the responsibility of raising her two younger sisters since she was a teenage girl herself.  She has selflessly devoted her life to making sure they had a happy and stable family unit.  After a betrayal by someone she thought she loved, she is thinking that relationships and love are on the back burner now.

Tyler has moved to this quaint town to leave his broken hearted past behind him too.  How can someone you love and were devoted to suddenly pull the rug out from under you, leave you lying on the floor, blindsided?

I really enjoyed this sweet and very sexy read, these two are smoking hot together.  I love how devoted and loyal Tyler is, when he cares about someone he makes sure that they know it.  Grace's trust fears are ever present and opening herself up to another man is hard for her.  She still has this immense sense of responsibility for her sisters. It is time for her to take a chance and live for herself, be a bit self indulgent.

Maybe things don't work out with other people because there is something better out there, someone who was meant for you all along.  They say that the right person comes along when you least expect it and it when it happens you should hold on with all your might and never let go.

I give this 3.5 stars

"What did you do to me?  I never  thought I could feel this way again.  I can't stop thinking about you or wanting you." - Tyler

K.C. Haper is a best-selling author, mother of four and has a degree in Psychology. She writes Contemporary Romance, Horror Mystery and Thrillers. Her Lakeshore Evil Series is an Amazon best seller in Horror and Suspense.


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