Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review: Claim: The Complete Series by Ashley Suzanne

Loren’s past relationship might not be as over as she thought. Spending time with Jordan to see if the feelings she once had were still there may have backfired. Caught between the man she gave her heart to and the one she wants to steal it away, Loren has to make a decision; does she choose the man that’s hurt her once or the man she knows she should be with? 

If only she were the only one to have to decide. Nolan’s past, the first girl he ever loved, needs him now more than ever. Does he sacrifice his own happiness for such a vital part of his past or choose the selfish route for once in his life? 

Nobody ever said you can only love one person, but the cold hard truth is you’ll always love one of them more. 

Relationships will be tested. Decisions will be made. Hearts will be broken.
This is such an easy series to read, Loren is a sweet girl who just wants to be happy again.  Her last relationship left her felling distraught but she now feels like it's time to move on.  She decides to try the world of online dating.  There are a series of mishaps but then she meets Mr Perfect. 

"Wow," I mutter, smiling slightly.  He's amazing. And we can be amazing together." - Loren

Nolan is gorgeous and he sings in a band.  They spend the most perfect night out together and as she sits there soaking up the afterglow of date perfection someone from her past comes knocking on her door and pops her happy bubble!

Just when she feels like her life is getting back on track she now has two men vying for her attention and is faced with a huge choice. Take a leap with a man that is exciting and new or someone from her past who she kind of feels she should give a second chance to?
Jordan has his faults but he is deeply in love with Loren and desperate to win her heart back.  Has he ever lost it though?  The more time they spend together the more confusing Loren's life seems to get.

Nolan is one of the most honorable men I have had the pleasure of reading about.  He is sweet and genuinely cares for Loren. He has a past that comes to the fore also in this story.  He knows that to move forward he has to go back and get closure from his past. He takes his responsibilities seriously and there is this beautiful moment that will have  you reaching for tissues.  Like a serious sobfest.

There will be tears and heartbreak but I promise you will finish with that lovely sense of contentment. This series has a happy ever after ending but it may not be what you expected, however it is just perfect.

I give this series 4 stars

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