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Giveaway, Review & Tour: Binds by Rebecca Espinoza

4.5 Hearts

Binds is Rebecca Espinoza’s debut novel and I have to say, SHE TOTALLY NAILED IT! ME = FOREVER FAN! 

This book completely rocked my world. Although I was excited to start this in general, it completely exceeded my expectations. I sat down with it last night at 1am at 30% and around 40% I was thinking, “Hmm… I’m thirsty, I’ll get a drink when this chapter is over.” Well, that never happened, I didn’t move from my chair until I finished it. True story. Those who really know me, know how ADD I can be (even when I love a book), so that is HUGE for me!

Binds follows Ophelia (aka Phee), she is the (unhappy) wife of an abusive complete douchnozzle of a man (if you can even call the bastard that). 

“Some people say that once married, people tend to let themselves go. Well, he decided to go the way of Anakin and let himself go to the dark side.”

While performing one of her “trophy wife” duties of going to a political dinner, she is unexpectedly captured. The group responsible is part of a secret society of Mages who have magical powers and little does she know that she is one of them herself. The story follows Ophelia through finding out what it means to be a Mage. She also realizes that the race is going through a horrible time. There is pretty much a civil war raging and no one is safe. 

This book has an extraordinary cast of characters. Immediately I felt connected to Ophelia. Although she has been married to an abusive man, she is incredibly strong. She doesn’t label herself as the victim or think she deserves the violence than her husband inflicts on her. It is made quite clear right from the get go that she has done and will do just about anything to get away from him. She is also smart, beautiful, snarky, sarcastic, witty, seriously such an awesome narrator for this story! Then there is the group of Mages that live with her once she has been taken. Starting with Spencer, who is pretty much the leader of their little sector. He is kind of a pompous ass, but I still found myself liking him and laughing at the rude but usually honest things he would say. Then there is Cass and Jinx, two of the youngest of the group, teenagers who were freaking hilarious! 

“What is that by your eye?” Cass asks, weaving her head around, trying to get a better look at this Jinx guy’s face. “Bwahahaha! Please tell me you didn’t draw a teardrop next to your eye? Oh, this is comic hold! Hold still, I have to get a picture of this for the guys!” LMAO!

Finally, we have Reece. This guy had me from the moment he referenced Pretty Woman. He is sweet, protective, and wants to help Ophelia more than anything else. And of course, he's gorgeous!

“I told you before and I will say it as many times as I have to. I’m going to be the one that saves you … everytime.”

One of the best things about this book is the pacing. The story immediately sucks you in with Ophelia’s unique voice, then as new characters are added you fall deeper in love. The world building of the Mage’s in slowly revealed and explained in such an effortless way. Then the last 30% is an action packed ride of pure awesome with shocking plot twists and turns. I don't want to give too much away about where the story goes but it definitely has a little bit for everyone. Suspense, action, some hints of romance, and it’s unpredictable. I had so many questions and theories, and while some were right on, many were unexpected and I love when that happens! 

“Never again am I going to let anyone have any power over me. I feel reborn, revitalized, and energized for anything that may come my way.”
ARC received in exchange for an honest review. 


I am so excited for more in this series! Rebecca is currently working on Bonds, #2 in the Binds series and in the meantime, she will be releasing a short story from Jinx's POV pretty soon! Yay - LOVE that kid! :) 

*Teaser Pics taken from Rebecca Espinoza's author Facebook page. Check it out for more awesome teasers and info! <3

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