Friday, April 5, 2013

Review: Captivated (Club Destiny 4.5) by Nicole Edwards

Captivated is a glimpse into the lives of Lucie Werner and Kane Steele after Temptation (Club Destiny, #2)

Lucie Werner’s life has never followed the path she envisioned for herself and five years ago, it veered off course yet again. This time after one erotic night of passion with the man she’d been captivated by since the first day she met him. Only Kane doesn’t remember that night, and until recently, he didn’t know that what they shared resulted in pregnancy and the birth of a beautiful little girl. Now that he knows, Lucie fears he’ll never want anything to do with her again because she kept his daughter a secret from him for so long. The sad truth is, she doesn’t blame him.

Kane Steele had never known the type of rage he was consumed by when Lucie told him he was a father – and that she had kept his daughter a secret from him for nearly five years. Although he can’t remember the events of that one fateful night, Kane can’t ignore the feelings he’s had for Lucie all this time. Now, with the secret out, and his relationship with his daughter on the mend, he finds he still can’t fight what he feels for her. Since his memories of that one night are out of reach, Kane’s ready to make some new memories. 

Can the two of them overcome Lucie’s deceit and give in to the maelstrom of heat that’s generated when the two of them are close together? Will Lucie be able to overcome the guilt she feels for holding onto this monumental secret for so long? And will Kane be able to forgive her? 

**This book contains a sneak peek of the Prologue from Zane (Alluring Indulgence, #2)

Erotic Romance
Mature Audiences


**ARC provided for honest review**

Holy Hotness!!!!  Nicole does it again with her sassy sexy writing!  

We met Lucie and Kane early on in the Club Destiny series, but never really got their story. This is their story.

Kane is total dominate alpha male.  He has no problem with women. Well, except one, he doesn't remember ever sleeping with Lucie.

And well that drunkin' night, resulting in a beautiful little girl.  

Now, I'm not saying Lucie made the right choice to hide it from Kane, but the fact he didn't remember...well I can't say I wouldn't have done the same thing.  Lucie is totally relatable in my book.  She's a single mom with a sick baby and will do whatever she can to make ends meet.  In my book that is admirable.  The stealing part...not so much. 

I loved the history between these two characters.  It wasn't a simple 'lets get together'.  It was a process.  It made me connect deeply with Lucie and Kane.

I loved the push and pull.  Lucie wants Kane....then doesn't....then Kane wants her...  

The bedroom scenes are totally hot, but I would expect nothing less from Nicole.  

I absolutely adore her writing style!

Oh...shh....we also get a sneak peak into Zane's story!!!  I can't freaking wait to read that one!!!!!  It had me  gasping wanting more!

Overall, great addition to the Club Destiny Series!

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