Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review: Phoenix Rockstar by Sec Sotefuhr

3.5 Review
Travis Phoenex is a tattooed, sexy, built, tough rock star who has made it in the music world.  He left behind the town he grew up in and moved to New Yor abrubtly causing much pain in his absence.

Violet has felt the pain for years. Even though she was much younger than Travis, she loved him and only him.  But when he left, many things changed for her.
Violent grew up in the biker world.  Her father is the president of a motorcycle club that is very hard knock. The rule is no one in the club is allowed to touch Chief’s daughter ever.  That being known Violet hasn’t been lucky in love.

When Travis returns from New York, Violet can’t stay away from him.  He’s her best friend and the love of her life.  She is drawn to him and we are taken on this very bumpy journey.
This book has violence, love, pain and happiness.
It is a cliffhanger!!!! It ends and you will want to scream.  I was so pissed!

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