Monday, October 27, 2014

Review: Restricted (Volume One) by Pamela Ann & Ashley Suzanne

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Pamela Ann and Amazon Bestselling Author Ashley Suzanne are coming together to write one helluva series.

Violet Collins isn’t your average college student. Between taking classes and mending a broken heart, she works as a phone sex operator. After being dumped by her long term boyfriend because of her sexual inexperience, Violet turns to the only thing to help her open her mind, while still giving her the anonymity she needs to protect her affluent family.

When infamous bad boy, Levi Oliver, receives a business card from a friend, he wrestles with the decision to expand his knowledge and delve into a world he’s only fantasized about. With everything going according to plan in his life of success, the one thing missing is his sexual match.

When a chance phone call puts the pair in contact, they’ll get more than they bargain for.
Violet gets dumped by her long term boyfriend Mason basically because she won't put out and one of her friends has apparently been more than willing to fill that need for him.
After seeing an ad for 'Phone Sex Operator Wanted'  Violet sees this as the perfect opportunity to find out what men really want and maybe it will bring her out of her untapped sexual shell.
Levi Oliver, in Violet's opinion is a 'douche of the highest order.'  He is best man at her sister's wedding and always tries to inflict his charm and pick up lines on Violet but she thinks he is a womanising idiot and won't give him the time of day.
"Apparently, in the gospel according to Levi Oliver, if you had a vagina, you were fair game." - Violet
Levi thinks that Violet is sexy as fuck and loves to try and chip away at her ice walls. He is determined to get her under him and turn her into a sexy goddess.  Because apparently he rates himself in the bedroom! After a few nights of unfulfilling sex with some of Levi's regular hook ups, his mate gives him a card for a phone sex service called Restricted.
Restricted is the company that Violet has just signed up with and working under the name 'Kitty' she begins to take calls from horny men.  Some with unusual tastes too so it is a bit of an eye opener for her! Until that one night when Levi calls and once he realises who he is talking to her cover is blown and he now has something over her that he plans to use to his full advantage.
I loved this sexy erotic quick read and can't wait for more :)
Ashley Suzanne
Pamela Ann:

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