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Blog Tour: Before Ryan Was Mine by Kahlen Aymes

When Ryan Matthews meets Julia Abbott for the first time at Stanford University, he immediately knows she will change his life.  They have an instant, unbreakable connection that goes beyond partying and palpable attraction.  Although his intelligence and good looks land him any girl he wants, Ryan hesitates to cross that line with Julia because she quickly becomes the best friend he’s ever had. 

Both secretly in love, Ryan and Julia are terrified to take the chance that could mean the loss of the very person they don’t want to lose.  As the bond between them grows stronger, they are both miserable as they are forced to watch as they each date other people.  But will Ryan’s all-consuming jealousy and Julia’s deeply broken heart torment them enough to make one or both walk away?

Join Ryan and Julia on the beginning of the journey that has made Kahlen Aymes’ Remembrance Trilogy an international bestselling favorite among her readers.  This book was written after The Trilogy was finished due to an abundance of reader requests for more of Ryan and Julia’s story.

And so…
The Mad, Mad Love Begins…
This was like taking a walk down memory lane.  Kahlen takes us back to the moment when Ryan first laid eyes on Julia.  We get an insight into all of his thoughts and feelings as he and Julia become friends.
Over the three years that they are at college Ryan constantly battles with his feelings for Julia.  He is in love with her but also values his friendship with her above everything else.  He thinks that taking the next step with her is too big a risk to take, he wants to keep her in his life and a relationship with her could ruin that for both of them.
Julia is in love with Ryan too and it is heartbreaking reading about how she deals with him dating and sleeping with other girls.  Every time she tries to move forward and date other guys, Ryan steps in like a jealous boyfriend and manages to intervene.  He can't have her but he doesn't want anyone else too either.
Knowing what the outcome of this couple's story is made this a lot easier to read but I did get annoyed with Ryan and all of his to-ing and fro-ing.  Poor Julia was in a no win situation with him, her heart got constantly battered about and her college experience was laced with a lot of frustration and sadness at the hands of Ryan.
Luckily he came to senses and was honest about his feelings for Julia and they rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after....  okay that is not entirely true and if you haven't read The Remembrance Trilogy yet then I highly recommend you do!
I give this 4 stars
The biggest moment of my life found me unexpectedly.  It crept up softly, and settled around me like a fuzzy blanket.  A mere whisper; it hit me like a sledgehammer.  At the time, I knew it was significant, but I didn’t realize just how those few seconds would change absolutely everything: how one brief glance could leave such an indelible stamp on the remainder of my life.  It would become a contradiction; an unstoppable force that would send me reeling out of my control, churning and shredding my emotions, but create the most incredible contentment I’d ever feel.  Contentment that could wrap me up in a warm, safe place or devastate me to the core and leave my heart in shambles.  It would become years of want and pain, lust and love… It would hurt like the deepest hell, but become the most euphoric and precious ecstasy I’d ever know.  I’d never forget that day, that moment; that glance. 
It would wreck me.  It would make me.  
The Future of Our Past (Book One)

Don’t Forget to Remember Me  (Book Two)

A Love Like This (Book Three)

The Remembrance Trilogy: Books 1-3
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1HixD5I
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