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Review: Wife (Part II of the 'Mistress' trilogy) by Nia Forrester

Wife by Nia Forrester
Part II of the 'Mistress' trilogy . . .

No longer a mistress to wealthy, much older men, Keisha Crawford isn't certain who or what she is anymore. But one thing she is sure of is how she feels about Jayson Holmes, the handsome-as-sin ex-con who gave her the courage to change.

Now Jayson needs to make some changes of his own and build a new life. And when he does, he may find that Keisha should no longer be part of it.

This book is Rated W for Well Done
4.5 HEARTS out of 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance

‘Keisha had to be a choice. With her complicated past, unsettled present and uncertain future, Jay had to decide he was choosing her.’ 

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Keisha is young, beautiful and though she has yet to realize it she is strong. Her confidence has taken a beaten after she chose to live a lifestyle that always placed her in second as ‘the other woman’ as ‘the mistress.’ No longer living off of rich older men Keisha finds herself living on her own, making her own money and paying her own bills. With Jay now back in her life she starts to want a little more… She desires to be his.

About a million times a day, he thought about it—just letting it happen. But after over a year of traveling and soul-searching, Jay was done with the “letting it happen” approach to life.’

Jay has kept things on a friendly level between him and Keisha. They hang out often but there is no sex involved. And with good reason; due to some of the internal struggles they are both battling he prefers to keep it platonic with Keisha. Only not everything can go according to plan.

Once the heart is involved is there really a reason to fight what’s right in front of you…

“What’re you thinking?”
She was thinking that a commitment like this was the thing she feared the most. And the thing she wanted the most. She was thinking that it would damn near kill her if it didn’t work out. And that she loved this man so much she couldn’t even begin to put that love into words. She was thinking that this couldn’t come at a better time because they were both getting to know each other and themselves in ways they hadn’t before.’

My Thoughts
I don’t think there are enough words to describe how much I enjoy this author’s style I swear she writes solely for my taste buds. She explores life with her characters and gladly takes us for the ride. I actually never thought I would like Keisha as much as I do. I LOVE HER! I love Jay too and I CANNOT WAIT to read Mother!

My Ratings
Characters- Sweet, Sexy and determined
Writing Style- Excellent. My preferred cup of tea
Plot/Storyline- Keisha is out here making it on her own finally, she wants Jay to be hers but I don’t think she fully grasps what that means…problem is Jay is trying to keep their relationship in the friend zone.
Steam Factor- Med/Moderately Steamy On a scale of 1-10 I say 6.5
Entertainment Level- Lo-Med-Hi a few extra characters made this book very entertaining..Fiona being one of them though I prefer to never see her again
Overall- I loved it! I highly recommend you check it out!

NOTE: The picture collage featured in this review post was not taken by me. The pictures are inspiration for the characters I envisioned in the book. The collage was put together by me for the sole purpose of being a review visual. 

 “I thought you weren’t coming back till tomorrow.” 

“Because you haven’t been paying attention. Or maybe you don’t care.” 
 “Of course I care. I just think … maybe it’s time for you to do you for a little bit , not worry about your man back home. Do what you need to do without thinking about me and what I’m feeling.”

“So what’re you sayin’? You don’t want me?” Keisha’s voice trembled, and she stopped speaking abruptly, as though she couldn’t manage to finish the sentence.

 “Nah. Nothing like that. But maybe we need to just give each other a little freedom to figure some stuff out.” 

“What does that mean? Freedom? To do what? Like you don’t care if I get with other men?”
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