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Review: Mistress by Nia Forrester

Mistress by Nia Forrester

Keisha Crawford is at a crossroads. Just when she thought she’d finally risen above the scandal in her past, her latest “sugar daddy” passes away, and now she’s being evicted from the luxury penthouse she thought was hers. Slinking home to her father’s house with her tail between her legs, Keisha’s only goal is to get out of Brooklyn and back to the lifestyle that she’s become accustomed to. But when you go home again, it’s that much harder to let go of the person you used to be.

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 I first met Keisha Crawford in Commitment and I disliked her character very very much. Okay, I lying I HATED HER. In Mistress I came to like her, pity her and root for her.

Men with fuck you money…
Keisha is a mistress, the side piece, the chick married men love to have sex with and lavish nice gifts upon before returning home to their wives. When her current sugar daddy unexpectedly dies she finds herself uprooted from the posh life her provided. Goodbye gorgeous high rise apartment, hello old bedroom at her father’s house back in Brooklyn. Only, that room is not exactly free for her to stay in.

Hello Brooklyn…
Jayson is well aware of who Keisha is and what she is known for (Dating old men with money) The first and most obvious thing he notices about her is her beauty.

‘Keisha Crawford was definitely something. She looked Latina but not; Black but not. And beautiful , but also, not. Underneath all the parts that seemed to go together so well— long neck, full lips, dulce de leche complexion and dark hair that hung in thick ropes— was a stain, like anger, lurking behind her eyes. The eyes themselves were noticeable as well, heavy-lidded and sensual, like those of a woman who had been thoroughly and recently sexually satisfied . Bedroom eyes.’

She could easily pull any man she wants so of course he doesn’t get the whole sugar daddy lifestyle. As he gets to know her more and more Jay learns that there is waaay more to Keisha then what meets the eye.

Classifying Jay as a sexy unwanted distraction Keisha goes on the hunt for her next come up aka sugar daddy. Knowing she could have so much better Jay questions Keisha’s lifestyle…her actions…and her excuses.

Now I'll be honest both of the main characters are somewhat of a hot mess. Yet, Nia Forrester beautifully laid Keisha bare in this book. She reopened old wounds that were barely stitched shut. Keisha having daddy issues only being the beginning of a wounded heart, the author delves in to all things Keisha leaving no room for misinterpretation.

Without giving away his story I will say this in reference to Jayson; he carries hurt in his palms, bitterness on his shoulders and unforgiveness in his heart.

After learning so much about Keisha and Jayson the last thing these two ‘need’ right now is to be together. Nevertheless together is how they find themselves.

‘He was directly in front of her now and could look right into her eyes and see the fear in them. And when he touched her, holding her by the upper arms, just as they almost always did, tiny goose-bumps sprouted on her skin. “But you want me,” he said, lowering his head. “You want me. And I want you, too.”

My Thoughts
WOW! By the end of this book I loved a character I once despised. Keisha grows but in baby steps. Forrester's writing is strong and compelling. Her characters? As real as they come! I look forward to continuing the journey that is Keisha and Jay!

My Ratings
Characters- Sexy & Lovable
Writing Style- Excellent, I love this authors style
Plot/Storyline- A girl once living the good life thanks to her sugar daddy finds herself back in the hood looking for her next come up.
Steam Factor- High/Steamy on a sale of 1-10 I say 6
Entertainment Level- Lo-Med-Hi I say Medium
Overall- I loved it! Read the book!

NOTE: The picture collage featured in this review post was not taken by me. The pictures are inspiration for the characters I envisioned in the book. The collage was put together by me for the sole purpose of being a review visual. 

“First time? You didn’t know he was married and you were already caught up. I feel you,” Jay said, his voice sounding harder than he was able to control.
 “But then you do it again? And then again after that? At that point, Keisha, it’s a life choice, not an accident.” 

“You are judging me,” she said, her voice small. 

“Yeah,” he admitted. “Little bit.” She made as though to stand and Jay pulled her back down. “But what the hell do you care about my judgment?” he said. “I’m an ex-con who served time for armed robbery.”
 “Did you do it?” He wondered what she may have heard. No one ever asked that. Everyone assumed you did it if you said you were locked up. And hell, having been in the joint, most of the guys in there had done the crime, and deserved every bit of the time they got. “The State of New York says I did.” 

“I’m asking what you say.”

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