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Blog Tour: Against All Odds by Angie McKeon

Title: Against All Odds
Author: Angie McKeon
Release Date: April, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Our lives shattered... Our hearts broken... Our souls torn to pieces...

He was my world, my whole life. My reason for breathing. I had a perfect marriage, a baby on the way, and I felt fulfilled—almost invincible.

Until the day life hit, leaving me broken, vulnerable, and alone.

She was my life. My ray of hope on the cloudiest day. With her, I thought I had the ultimate safety. A love that would never hurt or betray me. I gave her my heart, my body, and my soul.

Until she broke me, destroying every dream and illusion I had about life, love, and marriage.

In our grief, we made a mistake. A mistake I'm not sure we can come back from.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

Are you a fan of angst?

If your answer is yes, then this is the PERFECT book for you!

From the very first page of Against All Odds you are thrust into a world of turmoil and hurt for Kylie and Cooper. It is almost unfathomable how two people who clearly love each other so much, can tear one another apart. But that is exactly what happens. One tragedy has shattered their perfect bubble. It has pushed them both to their limits and instead of being there for each other, they instead pull in to themselves and suffer separately, in their own way.

This book was a tough read. As a mother and a wife, I could never imagine being forced to face all that Kylie does in this book. And while I tried (and did) sympathize with her character often throughout, there were also times she flat out pissed me off. I just felt like she made things so much worse by the choices she made. Cooper was kind of the same for me. The decisions he made left me at a loss at times. But then again, I have never been in their shoes, so I don't know how I would deal with the things they had to.

Despite the up and downs I felt while reading, by the end I was so immersed in their story that all i cared about was them finding peace and happiness. There were a few times I thought that might happen for one and not the other. And I questioned if they could ever find their way back to one another. They had done so much damage not only to each other but to themselves as well. Is love enough? Can you forgive and forget something that rips you apart every single time you think of it? When is enough, enough?

This story is definitely unique. I don't ever recall reading anything that touches on ALL the subject matters addressed in this book. It is also a rare thing to venture upon a book about a married couple nowadays. All those things combined, makes Against All Odds a refreshing, intriguing read. Well worth the roller-coaster of emotions the author takes you on while reading. And best of all, she doesn't leave you hanging with a cliffy!

I can't wait to read the next book, Against the Grain.
 Amazon AU: http://bit.ly/PpI14V
I step back and release a shaky breath. “I don’t know what to say. You know that we...” I flick my eyes to the other side of the room to collect my scattered thoughts.
Erasing the distance I just tried to put between us, he lifts my face to his. Our eyes connect, and my pulse—already wild—intensifies.
He looks straight through to the heart of me. “You don’t have to say anything right now. You don’t have to say anything ever. Just think about what I’m saying.” Gaze locked on mine, he places a tender kiss on my lips.
 When he pulls back, he clears his throat and pulls out his phone. “All right, get packed. I’ll call the pilot and let him know we’re ready to leave.”
I nod numbly as he walks out of the room. I want to go home to my empty house. My empty bed. My empty life. I need some time away from everyone. I need to figure out what’s wrong with me. What happened to the girl with morals?
I close my eyes as all energy drains from my body. I slip to the ground, hugging my knees. I miss my life before Kayla died. Before all I felt was pain and hopelessness. Before all I saw was a nightmare. Before I shut down and started doing stupid things.
I need to find the girl I used to be, but I’m not sure she’s in there anymore. I’m not sure she’s strong enough to come back. Because coming back means feeling the loss of her baby and confronting the problems in her marriage. It means facing pain, fear, and guilt. That is so terrifying that living in a state of numbness and denial might just be easier.

A multi-tasker from birth—and now proudly able to add 'writer' to my resume—I'm a mother, wife and blogger. I love to read, write and drink copious amounts of iced coffee.
All three aforementioned addictions are detrimental to my sanity.
I have a voracious appetite for dark, painful and twisted reads. I'm enamored with the concept of love and heart break. I believe life is a journey, a tale in its own for each of us. The road to happiness is sometimes paved with stones from hell, or glitters of satisfaction graced from the heavens above.
In my upcoming debut novel, 'Against All Odds,' I strive to make you feel. I believe any emotion—whether painful or happy—is good. To me, the key to living is to go through life feeling its ups and downs. Love is dark and it can be painful but, at the end of the day, it can save the most lost of souls and the most broken of hearts.






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