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Cover Re-Reveal with Logan Kade Interview: Fallen Crest High (FCH #1) by Tijan

Reality Bites is excited to be a part of the cover reveal for
Fallen Crest High (FCH #1) by Tijan

Mason and Logan Kade are two brothers who did their own thing. They were rich and expected to attend her school, Fallen Crest Academy. They chose public school and now Samantha has to live with them. The problem is that she doesn't care at all: about them, about her friends, about her cheating boyfriend, or even about her parent's divorce. But maybe that's a good thing. Maybe change is a good thing.

Reality Bites is excited to have the chance to chat with Logan Kade! Special thanks to Fallen Crest High author Tijan!

Q. Logan, tell me two things you enjoy to do in your free time off from school besides partying and hooking up with girls.
A. Hanging out with my friends and hanging out with Mason and Sam.

Q. Name a few of your favorite music artist?
A. "Uh," he scratches his head. "I like Eminem, but I like a  bunch of others too. I'm digging Bastille lately."
Q. Is there any other sport aside from football that you are good at? If yes, what sport/s?
A. "I'm known for a good game of pitch." He winks. "Of baseball, I mean."

Q. What was your first impression of Samantha in 5 words or more?
A. Hot. Kickass. Bitchy. I liked.

Q. When Mason and Sam finally hookup was it a surprise to you or did you know something would eventually happen between them? And, if you knew something would eventually happen, what made you feel that way?
A. He shakes his head. "I saw that from day one. Mason had a boner at the gas station." He snorts. "I'm surprised no one noticed."

Q. Tate, are you fully over her?  What are your feelings towards her in 5 words or more?
A.  "Tate...she's okay." He nods, smiling for a brief moment. "Her and I are okay." He pauses and frowns. "Why? Do you know something? Has she done something?"

Me *GRINS* Love this interview! Love Logan! Love Tijan!

 -mature content reader discretion is advised.
Genre: Mature-YA

I have a new obsession and they’re BROTHERS!!!!

Their names you ask? Mason and Logan Kade!!!

Are they HOT? Heck yeah they are!!

 photo tumblr_lzvgj6sRdc1qjxgdgo1_500_zps6b5bb5dc.gif

Seventeen year old Samantha (Sam) finds her life flipped upside down when she comes home and finds her mother Analise sitting in the midst of boxes. She wastes no time letting Sam know that they are not only moving out, but that she is divorcing her dad. Oh and to top that off she also met a man. A man who she is apparently in love with.  The next day Sam and her mom move in with James Kade and his two sons.

Mason and Logan Kade have a reputation that precedes them and not just on the football field. They are coveted and followed by both the female and male teen population in Fallen Crest. Sam is very aware of this and is none to pleased with the identity of her new roommates. For the most part she flies under the radar when home by keeping to herself.

Things have changed, Sam finds herself alone with no friends and no boyfriend. But is being alone bad thing? Especially in Sam’s case when the ones she once called friends were not really good friends and her boyfriend was a major A-hole. I think not. Sam does not stay alone for long as an easy camaraderie forms between her Mason and Logan and though it is unexpected she willingly accepts it.

Sam is a runner and yes I mean that in the literal sense. She runs until she is numb from the pain that has been brought in to her life, mostly by her mother.

‘None of it matter. I mattered. I was the only one. I had to take care of myself.’ - Sam

What I love about her is the fact that she is far from stupid and it seems as if she is constantly underestimated by other females. She has this I don’t care attitude which people are unsure how to react to. She’s a wild card because you never know how she’ll respond. And I now wonder if her character was intentionally written to be that way or did it develop as the author wrote.

Mason and Sam
An attraction simmers between the two for a good while before they actually move on it. But once they do? **Wiggles Eyebrows** they go hard.  Pun intended
"You're going to ride me long and hard tonight." I grinned against his neck. It was what every girl wanted to hear. Mason to Sam

Mason and Logan Kade
Logan is the more outgoing Kade. He is more accessible oppose to Mason who will ignore you as if you never even spoke to him. Logan is always in a good mood and if he’s not he must be really upset there is no in-between with him. Mason is also calculating it does not make a move unless it is warranted. He commands attention without even speaking, he is respected,  his presence alone demands both and I think the author did a great job writing that in.

What I thought was really awesome was when we initially meet Mason in the story the focus is on his eyes as he and Sam have a stare off. But that is not why I like it, I like it because he is a watcher, he sits back in the cut and observes. So meeting in a stare down seems fitting!

‘Mason Kade was not stupid, far from it, and I wondered if I'd known it the whole time, if perhaps that's why I stayed away. He watched behaviors, he didn't listen to words. I wondered if Logan was the same and something in my gut told me he was.’ -Sam’s inner monologue

There is another player his name is Nate, Nate is Mason’s best friend and is also known to be his partner in crime. He is still a bit of a mystery to me, meaning I did not get a good read on his character yet but I’m reading book 2 now and that has changed.

Meet the parents
Not to be shown up by the kids the parents are around in this book though not as much as they should be they do play a part in the story. And they have just as much drama as the kids to the point where it is un-freaking-believable.

Here is what you need to know. There is a Fallen Crest Academy and a Fallen Crest Public. Sam goes to the Academy and the boys go to Public. There is a difference and the more you read the more the differences become prominent.

What was interesting to me about this book was the hidden plot, which was Hierarchy. I consider it a hidden plot because of the way it crept in to the story and then took on its own dominant role. Let’s just say that Sam was the low man on the totem pole until the Kade brothers came in to her life.

"Welcome to the Elite, Samantha. I hope to see you at dinner tonight." - Miranda

Yes, the hierarchy is a BIG deal. HUGE deal.

Sweet and Sour

My Sweet – The moment Sam realized she had power. You have to read the book to fully understand what I mean. Because I can guarantee what you think I mean is WRONG.

My Sour – All things Tate. I also did not like how people tried to use Sam. But like I said before the girl is far from stupid.

Final Thoughts
I am completely OBSESSED with this series! The Writing- I thought the writing was good, grammatical wise there was some errors but it really did not bother me I only mention it because this does bother some readers. The story was fast pace, I don’t recall any lulls in it, nope not one, the book managed to hold my attention from beginning to end. The author did not have these long inner monologues where the character reflected on something or someone longer than necessary. Instead she would get to the point and move the story along.

My Rating and Why
 4.5 Stars - I enjoyed this book so much because it gave me a good dose of everything I was in need of at the moment drama, steam, hot boys, catty girls, rival schools, cliques, parties, uncertainty, shocking twists and two more books that will help me get my Kade brother fix!

Parting Words
Read the book!! I highly recommend it to mature-YA lovers and NA lovers who don’t mind a bit of drama in their reads!

My Ratings
Characters- Intriguing, Manipulative, HOT, Witty and Likeable
Writing Style- Good, fast paced with no over done inner monologues
Plot/Storyline- A young girl facing changes and learning to cope..or how not to..
Steam Factor- Medium/Steamy on a scale of 1-10 I say 7.5
Overall- I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!