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Release Day Blitz & Review: Beautiful ink by Nicole Reed

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This novel is not a cliffhanger and can be read as a stand-alone.

WARNING: This book is real, beautifully raw, and not for the faint of heart. It is the story of a young girl’s loss of innocence while growing up around a motorcycle club. It is not suitable for children under the age of seventeen due to language, sexual content, and intense subject matter. Based on true events.


I have tattooed that single word on more skin than I care to count. It elicits powerful thoughts and emotions for most people.

Loving. Caring.

Supportive. Togetherness.


But not for me. The word family means so much more.

Vicious. Harmful.

Dangerous. Corrupt.


You can’t run forever from the ones who love you.
*ARC provided by author for an honest review*
Starting this book was like going on a blind date for me. I honestly had no clue what the book would be about. Heck, even the cover had not been released when I started it. I was asked by Nicole if I wanted an arc and seeing as how she is one of my all time faves, it was an automatic yes for me. No questions asked. And with Beautiful Ink, she has once again proven why I devour every single thing she writes!

My first thought when I figured out this was an MC book, "OMG NICOLE WROTE AN MC BOOK!!". Needless to say, I was just a little excited.

This book is told from Keller's POV and alternates between present and past. I don't want to give away too much, but I will say Keller is running from her past and has been for a few years. She never gets too comfortable in one place for fear that things may catch up to her.

That is, until she settles in her current location. She knows she should be moving on since she is getting too close to the people in her life. But this time, she is finding it difficult to walk away. Can she keep her past from catching up or will she outrun it so she can finally have a shot at a real life?

I could NOT put this book down! I read it in one sitting, it was THAT good. And at the end, all I kept thinking was I need more. There is no cliffhanger but these characters will worm their way into your heart and you just won't be ready to let them go. I am really hoping that Nicole will be giving a certain someone his own book because he desperately needs one!

Another fabulous book, Nicole!! Can't wait to see what you give us next. 
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Nicole Reed is the New York Times Bestselling Author of Ruining You. She is a true Southern girl, enjoying life with her husband and three children in the peachy state of Georgia. As a child, she discovered another world between the pages of a book. In 2012, she self-published her first bookRuining Me, and then followed it with Ruining You, Cake, and Wasted Heart. Her books have also been listed on the overall Top 100 Amazon and Barnes & Noble Bestselling list. She is represented by Ginger Clark with Curtis Brown, LTD. You can follow her on, Twitter @nicole1reed, and her
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