Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review: Reach Me by J.L. Mac

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It’s a well-known fact that single parenting doesn’t allow for much dating. Over the past nine years, Lindsay Fuller’s heart has been monopolized by her son, Trey, and she’s perfectly content with that.

But with her 30th birthday looming like a black cloud, Lindsay worries that her chances at a happily ever after are next to nil.

After all, she’s no sorority girl. She’s no supermodel, either. She’s a Plain Jane single mom with a less than desirable career, a pen pal obsession, and an extremely overbearing younger brother.

Financial trouble sends Lindsay’s already hectic life into a tailspin, setting events in motion that will change everything, namely her “single” status. Learning to reach for what she wants catalyzes an epic internal struggle that she has no hopes of overcoming.

The question is, will Lindsay give love a shot; and, more importantly, will it be worth it?
Lindsay was left raising her son Trey alone after the guy she thought she was in love with, at 19 years old, kicked her to the curb.  She has struggled for the last 10 years to make ends meet but one thing that has helped a lot is the support from her online chat friend, Russ.
Russ is someone she can talk to about anything and everything.  She definitely feels something a lot like love for him but they have never actually met in person.  She doesn’t think that she has anything to offer a man but Russ would really like to finally meet her. She also has the support of her brother Brian but he is busy running around after his mogul boss most of time and is often not available when she needs him to be.
Lindsay is at her lowest after losing yet another temping job and she is now facing eviction due to unpaid rent.  She is determined to fight though and when she confronts the building owner her whole world changes in an instant.
A proposition is made that could change her life forever.
I loved this novella and can’t wait to see where this goes!
I give this 4 stars.
For those of you who have been reading Damon & Jo’s story in this series, Lindsay is the sister of Brian, Damon’s Personal Assistant.
Series reading order
Wreck Me ( Wrecked #1)
Restore Me (Wrecked #2)
Accept Me (Wrecked #3)
Reach Me – novella spin off but can be read as  stand alone.

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