Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review: Mismatched by Elle Casey & Amanda McKeon

Former college roommates, Erin and Ridlee, leave Boston for Ireland to track down an inheritance and end up at a matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna. Ridlee's a newly minted attorney, and Erin's part owner of the Pot O' Gold Pub, hoping to buy out her new, mysterious partner, some old Irish guy she'd never heard of before the reading of her late grandmother's will. It seemed like it would be an easy thing to do: show up, find the guy, and make him an offer… But the magic that is Ireland and the people who speak the lilting Irish brogue are as unpredictable as the weather, and things get a little more complicated than the girls anticipated when the town's legendary matchmaker pulls out his leather-bound book and proposes two matches… 

I love it when I come across a story that is nothing like anything I have read in the huge abyss of the book world. This book is the perfect read when you just want to rug up on the couchand get lost in a great story.

Erin has spent the last few years working her ass off in a pub owned by her grandmother in downtown Boston.  She has pretty much single handedly turned the whole business aroundand growing it into a successful bar.  The Pot 'O' Gold pub is where her future is. When her grandmother passes away she has the rug pulled out from under when she is informed that only half of it is hers and the other habeen left to some old guy in Ireland.

Erin convinces her lawyer friend Ridlee to accompany her back to her home country of Ireland to find this other person so she can buy them out and rightfully own the pub as hers.

"Me god where are we?  Did we just travel back in time or what?" I'm staring out over mist-covered green fields, outlined by low stone walls that must have been erected over a thousand years ago and possibly by elves - Ridlee

Obviously this is a huge culture shock for Ridlee as she meets Erin's family and tries her first pint of guinness.  Then there are the pub crawls, where they meet the village matchmaker and enjoy some irish music.  What about those irish men though?  There is nothing metrosexual about these men, they are pure, salt of the earth, rugged and freaking sexy.

"When I seem him in profile, I think that Ireland's tourism board should put him on a postcard.  This country'd be overflowing with tourists every day of the year." - Ridlee

This is a crazy adventure for Erin and Ridlee as they try to track down the mysterious half owner of the Pot 'O' Gold pub.  One of them has hot unforgettable one night stand and one of them gets offered to ride a guys 'big dick.'   Plenty of guinness is consumed, singing and dancing on the tables also features on their 'things I probably shouldn't do when I'm drunk' list.  And one of them leaves such a lasting impression behind them in Ireland, that a bit of Ireland follows them home.

There are so many laugh out loud moments in this story, I loved it.

I give this 4 stars


Elle Casey

Amanda McKeon

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