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Giveaway, Review and Tour: Fool For You by Megan Noelle


Genre: New Adult Contemporary
Release Date: May 27th
Author: Megan Noelle
Seven years ago Danielle Hamilton left her home in Serenity Cove leaving behind a drug addicted mother, work-obsessed Grandmother and the first boy she has ever loved.  Danielle promised herself she would never return, but now—she has no choice. The family Inn her Grandparents put their lives into is going under and Danielle is the last hope they have to save it.  
 When she temporarily returns to her home town, she’s even less prepared than expected to run into her first love, Oliver Garrison.  After their encounter leaves her on edge she decides what is really needed is a distraction.  What she doesn’t expect is the way she feels when she meets Corey Preston with the bad boy edge, a gentle heart and smoking body.  
 Oliver is everything she thought she ever wanted while Corey is everything she never thought she needed.  But Dani promised herself when she left Serenity Cove at 18 that never again, would this be her home. However, her heart didn’t get the memo and for the first time in her life, she feels at home.
 But will her demons from the past let her have the love she deserves? Or will she return to her life in New York—once again leaving her heart behind in the one place she fears to be?  
 *ARC provided by author for an honest review*
Why do women sabotage what could be a perfectly good relationship based on the actions of men from the past? Why should the guy who is really trying to give you a HEA suffer because of the previous douchebags that you have dated? And why why why do we believe that first love is the only love and if given the chance we should give that first love a second chance? It did NOT work the first go round for a reason, right?!?!?!

These are all the questions that I was asking myself while reading Fool for You. Dani is a very confused girl and it is very obvious through her actions. And needless to say, it pissed me off to no end!!

It was pretty clear from the beginning that Corey wanted more than a simple one night stand or a friends with benefits type relationship with Dani. His feelings were like a flashing neon sign that said "Pick Me Pick Me". But because of her old hang ups from the treatment she received in past relationships, Dani decides to make the poor guy suffer for others past mistakes.

How you ask? Oh, let's see...she constantly reminds him that they are "nothing serious" despite KNOWING he has feelings for her. And you come come to see that actually isn't too bad considering the other crappy things she does to him. Say, like going on a date with Oliver, her first love who I guess she believes is the "one who got away". If I could have reached into the book and given Dani a good smack upside the head, I so would have!

If you haven't guessed it yet, I am not a fan of Dani's. She is a complete idiot to let a man like Corey believe for one second that he does not have her completely. I would have been shouting from the rooftops for all to hear that he was my man. But nope not Dani, she denied to everyone that they were more than just friends.

And the about a cliffhanger!! I am okay if we are left with unresolved issues but this just felt like the author stopped in the middle of a chapter. Not what I was expecting, especially for a book of this length (over 300 pages).

I have debated on the rating the whole time I was writing the review. And had there not been the cliffhanger ending, it would have easily been a 4 star review, but that combined with the love triangle has me withholding a star.

I will end my review by saying for a new author, the book is well written. And I would even say I felt like I could see the author come into her own as the writing improved as the book progressed. 
here is a scene from Corey's POV!! He is a definite hottie and has been added on my BBF list!!!


Dani’s arm jolted me awake.  I wasn’t quite sure what time it was or what day it was but with the warmth of Dani next to me—I didn’t care.  My arm reached out and slid along the smooth soft skin of her stomach as I pulled her against my chest.  Even in my half-asleep state there was nothing I liked more than holding this girl in my arms.  My original plan to just got back to sleep but my body had other plans.  I gave in and let my lips taste her delicious skin; I could practically hear Dani’s body giving in to my touch.  My mouth moved to cover her lips.  I almost sighed at the way she made my entire sense of awareness fade away.

“My head hurts.” She moaned against my lips. 

I stopped.

That’s right.  This wasn’t just another morning waking up to the only woman I ever wanted, but this was the morning after.  The night before she was a disaster but that didn’t matter to me.  It was the fact that she was out with him that pissed me off. 

When I opened my eyes and looked down into the beautiful sleepy face of my girl, I lost all sense of anger. 

“What all did you have to drink last night?” Despite my boiling frustration under the surface—I was curious about her night. 

“A shit ton of white wine at the restaurant, and then even more tequila when I got home.” 

My body tightened, I hated that she went out with him.  Even worse was now I had the image in my mind of them at a fancy restaurant, drinking wine and sitting across from each other at a romantic candlelit dinner.

“Well, that would do it then.  Get up; I’ll start a shower for you.”  I needed to put space between us before I lost all reserve and gave into this all-too tempting woman. 

“You’re not going to join me in there?”  The desperate expression and frown across her face killed me.  I wanted to go to her and console her.  Make everything okay in that sadly broken expression—but I couldn’t.  Because deep down I felt my heart tearing in two when I looked at her.

Those beautiful blue eyes that I so easily got lost in—he did too.  Those luscious lips I knew better than my own—he kissed them.  The smile that could brighten my entire day—it brightened his too.    

“Not today.” Was all I managed to get out. 

Space.  That’s what I needed.  Something to keep me away from this beautiful temptress. 

Just when I was about to make my escape—she stopped me.  “Corey.”  I told myself not to turn around to see her, but I gave in.

“I’m sorry you had to deal with me as a blubbering mess last night.” I sighed because this was the last thing she should apologize for.  From the moment I got that call I dropped everything.  Sanders I’m sure thought someone died by the way I flew out of the bar, but I had to get to her.  The whole ride over my knuckles were white against the wheel as I prayed that my sweet girl was okay.

“You never have to apologize for being drunk and sad to me.  It’s that kind of thing I want to be here for.”

“But you don’t have to.” She really didn’t get it, did she?

“I don’t really have a choice anymore.” I saw the confusion pass over her eyes; she opened her mouth to speak but I quickly cut her off.  This wasn’t a conversation I could endure right now because something told me, it wouldn’t end well. 

“You need to shower so you’re not late for work.  I’ll make some breakfast.” 

I just about bolted from the room.  I couldn’t handle how that single broken look she gave me could undo every barrier I had in place.  Over the years and through a few bad experiences—I learned to always have my guard up with women.  But when I was near Dani—all of that went away.

I started her shower and made it steaming hot, just the way she liked.  While I whipped up breakfast my mind raced.  One minute I was destroyed by her date then the next I was furious.  Overall though, I was hurt.  Hurt that she could go out with another at the drop of a hat but then tell me she wasn’t interested in more.

I slammed down my breakfast and cleaned up the mess left behind from the kitchen.  Well, I got to everything but those ugly ass flowers.  I wanted to send them down the garbage disposal and shred the shit out of them, but I didn’t.  With my luck Dani would have formed some ridiculous attachment to them and I would be cut off from her all together. 

The entire time the shower was on—I needed to stay busy.  I wanted more than anything to go into the bathroom with her and take away whatever pain she might be feeling.  Whether that be from what happened last night, to what happened long ago or even just a hangover.  I just wanted to be there for her—but this time I wouldn’t.  I wanted more and I needed her to want that too.

My back was to Dani when she entered the kitchen.  The mixture of that delicious perfume and the smell unique to her alerted my body that she was near. 

“It smells delicious.” She practically whispered.

“Thank you.” I made sure my voice lacked emotion. “I put a couple Advil out for you.” I pointed towards the meds I left out since I couldn’t completely forgo taking care of her.

“Okay, thanks.”

I quickly finished my meal and finished loading the dishwasher with my plate.  Those stupid flowers remained next to her.  Teasing me.  Tormenting me.  Telling me that someone else was able to get close enough to my girl and give her flowers…and there wasn’t shit I could do about it.

“What are you doing with these?” I picked up the putrid yellow daisies since I couldn’t resist drawing attention to them.  Dani hardly seemed fazed by my obvious irritation.

“I meant to put them in a vase last night.” Oh good—just rub that shit right in, baby.  Great.  I threw the stupid things back onto the counter and was mildly disappointed when only a few petals came up.  If only the force I used made them spontaneously combust.  That’s about the only thing that would have made me happy.

“Well, I’m going to head home and just get ready for work there.” Being here was making me crazy—I needed to get out.

“Oh, alright.” Even though her voice seemed upset, the fact that she agreed, really pissed me off. 

I told myself I needed to cool off and maybe put a little distance between us.  That was the safe plan.  Instead I walked towards the door and stopped dead.  No—I wasn’t about to walk away.  Not without some answers.  I whipped my head back around and asked the first question that reached the tip of my tongue.

“What the hell are we doing, Danielle?” Her mouth opened slightly and her eyes widened at my furious expression.  Normally I’d do what I could to calm it down—but right now—I didn’t give a fuck.

“Eating breakfast?” Leave it to her to come up with some ridiculous response to my very serious question.

“No,” I tossed my stuff onto the table because I was pissed as hell. “Between you and me. What is this?”

“You mean what are we?” Christ—this woman must have been sent her to drive me insane.

I nodded. “Yes, Dani—what are we?  Because I sure as hell couldn’t be more confused.”

“What…how…why are you confused?” Her voice caught in her throat.  A flame ignited deep within me—all sense of self-control was out the window.

“One minute I think I have a handle on what we are.  We’re extremely close, spending every free minute together.  We’re sleeping together but I feel like here I sit—waiting patiently for you to open up to the idea of more.  Then next thing I know, you’re going on dates with other guys; they’re buying you flowers, bringing you to a nice dinner, and kissing you goodnight.  What am I supposed to do with all that?”

“I don’t know, Corey.  We talked about this in the beginning—we’re nothing serious and I don’t know when any of that changed!”

Is this girl seriously that clueless!?

“When did we talk about this?” My hands flew to my hips as I tried to calm my breathing.

“A while ago—I thought we made that clear?” Clear!?

“So wait—you don’t want anything serious, or you don’t want anything serious with me?” I snapped out. 

“What do you mean?” I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle this.  My heart was beating out of my chest and this girl was calling the shots on what happened to it.

“You’ll let this punk take you on a date, but I get to clean up the mess afterwards?”

“I never asked you to come over and clean up my mess, Corey!”

“Yeah, but you sure as shit didn’t push me away either.” Okay—I know it was a low blow but right now—I was hurting and I didn’t know how to handle it.

“You’re right, my bad.  But now I am—thank you for breakfast, but get out.” My heart twisted with sheer pain at her words.  Did my girl really tell me to get out? Had I already lost her? 

Even worse—did I ever even have her?

I needed to leave.  I picked up my discarded shit and stalked towards the front door.  I opened it and slammed it shut.  No—I couldn’t leave—not yet.  Not with so much left unsaid.

“God damnit, Danielle!” After I had those blazing blue eyes focused on me, I continued. “I am so crazy about you, but I don’t know what to do!”

Her arms flailed about with her retort. “What are you talking about now?”

My fingers ran through my hair as I considered grabbing handfuls and pulling it all out. “How do you not see it?  You are a brilliant woman but you can be really stupid sometimes.”

“Oh yeah—nice one, Corey. Pile on those compliments, baby.”

That was it—I’ve reached the last bit of patience I had with this siren of a woman.

“Did I hurt your feelings, honey?” I felt the acidic tone rolling off my tongue.  If I were to take a step back and examine this moment—I’d regret yelling at her.  But right now, I was over the edge.  “Shit, at least I didn’t call you after going out with another woman! When I dropped you off yesterday afternoon I spent the rest of the fucking day thinking about you.  Hell, I spend most every day with you on my mind, but I have to fight like hell to even be a footnote in your goddamn day!  What the hell do I have to do to get you to see how much you mean to me?”

Even though her posture was in full defense against my verbal attack—the tears streaming down her cheeks told me the truth.  This was hurting her like it was me—but I didn’t know if it was the same pain. 

“This wasn’t supposed to mean anything.” She muttered out. 

Fuck this.

I threw down my shit once more and crossed the distance between us.  My hands framed her face and my lips captured hers.  I felt her hesitation fade away as we moved together as one.  In that single moment I found clarity.  For the first time in my life I understood what real magic was.  To have this woman in my arms and even more—in my heart—this was what perfection was. 

There was no way she didn’t feel it too.

When I pulled back my thumb slowly brushed against her cheek as my eyes searched hers. “You’re telling me that doesn’t mean anything?”

It felt I waited an eternity for my answer and when it came—I wished it hadn’t.  With a slow shake of her head—I knew it was over.  I released her.

“Thank you, Danielle.”

“For what?”

“For being the first woman to ever break my heart.  You have fun on your next date with a dude that sure as shit doesn’t deserve you!” 

I picked up my stuff and stomped my way out of her house but even worse—out of her life. 

I threw my shit on the passenger seat and banged my palm hard against the steering wheel.  Aching for a way to channel the pain from anywhere other than my heart.

But it was in that moment I knew… I had fallen in love with her.  And now it was over.
Megan Noelle is a 23-year old single mother. In 7th grade she completed her first novel. Two of her closest friends read it and gave her the boost she needed to keep pursuing that newfound dream. Since then she has been writing any chance she gets.
Her inspirations come from everywhere. Sometimes it’s a song, or a picture, maybe when she reads another book and of course, a single quote. There’s no telling where she’ll be when inspiration strikes but she couldn’t be happier. Nothing makes her happier than when she’s writing. So to be able to share this passion and dream with all of you…is more than she could ever hope for!



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