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Giveaway, Review & Tour: Following Me by K.A. Linde

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TITLE: Following Me
AUTHOR: K.A. Linde
GENRE: New Adult
RELEASE DATE: June 21, 2013
COVER DESIGNER: Okay Creations
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READ chapter one of Following Me here:
“I knew you were running the first time I saw you…"
Devon didn’t have a game plan when she decided to leave St. Louis on a Chicago-bound train for the summer. Just a reason. One she couldn’t share with anyone.
Not Hadley, her best friend from college, who lets her stay in the guest bedroom; no questions asked. Or Brennan, the bartender at the local restaurant they frequent, who she actively tries to avoid. Or Garrett, Hadley’s boyfriend, who befriends her when she has no one else to turn to.
"I just didn’t know what you were running from...."
Desperate to hide at all costs, Devon plunges into her new life in the city. Everyone around her starts to reveal sides of themselves Devon never expected. And just when she starts to get comfortable, her world flips upside down…
"...but I think all along you were running toward me."
4 lives.
All connected.
All with secrets that just keep following them.

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

I have to admit, I struggled in the first 25% of this book. It is not because the book isn't good (it is!!) but more about the fact it has a completely different vibe than the Avoiding Series. But I had a good talk with myself and reminded...ah me (lol), I was not being fair to the author or her book by comparing it to or expecting it to be like her other books. After that, I was able to open my mind to Devon's story and really enjoy it!

And since I seem to be confessing, I have another one. The suspense of what Devon was hiding killed me!! And I loved every freaking minute of it. I have read too many books where the major plot is spoiled way too early for my liking. That is definitely not happening with Following Me! K.A. Linde holds on to Devon's secret, only giving us crumbs here and there. I honestly had no clue what is was until the big reveal.

And when it came out, I was BLOWN AWAY!!

It was so not even close to what I was thinking it would be. Not even in the realm of possibilities on my list. When you find out, it will seriously blow your mind! It will also have your heart breaking for Devon. Not only for the fact that she had this secret but more so for the fact that she felt she had to suffer it alone. But there is always a boy in every book to help the girl right? Well, of course there is because if not, what would be the point?

And lucky for us Devon has Brennan!

He is the quiet brooding type who also happens to be a musician. I loved him immediately. And I really like that things between him and Devon were slow. I love my hot and steamy books, but it is always nice to read one such as this that has the believability factor to it. Their relationship was just what they both needed it to be. Once you get both of their stories, you will understand why I feel this way.

I am going to have to end my review here because I really don't want to give anything away that could spoil the book and have you all chasing me down with pitch forks. Just remember to go into this book with an open mind, as I said before it is very different from what we are used to from this author. Which is a really good thing in my opinion!

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K.A. Linde is an independent author and publisher who enjoys writing novels that keep you guessing to the very end. She wrote her first book, Avoiding Commitment, in 2009 while studying political science and philosophy at the University of Georgia. She received her Masters in 2012.

She resides in Georgia and enjoys dancing in her spare time. She is currently working on Off the Record, a fantasy/romance titled The Affiliate and the third book in the Avoiding Series.
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