Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Review: Burning Up by Marie Coulson

Burning Up (Bound Together Series, Book #2)
By: Marie Coulson
Scorching heat...

Erotic pleasure...

Intense passion...

Layla Jennings thought she had it all figured out. The right time, the right place and the right guy.
After leaving behind her life and friends in Long Beach, Layla must now walk the path she has chosen, hand in hand with the man who holds her heart.

As the flame of love continues to burn brightly, she discovers more about herself and the man she loves every day. But what happens if the fire goes out? What happens when half of your heart is across an ocean?

With the other man in her life unwilling to give up his fight for her, and a danger she is too blind to see, Layla must battle between the safe and steady journey she has embarked on and the one that leads to destinations unknown.

Bound Together (book 1) ended with Layla deciding if she wanted to be with sexy, tattooed, lip ringed, motorbike riding, rock god, Ollie.  Or with sexy, hot, dominant, millionaire, Jared.
She chose Jared and absolutely broke Ollie's heart, via a text message.
Ollie is a mess, he has tried to move on but he is so desperately missing her and so in love with her still.  He has the wonderful support of their mutual friends Mel, Amy, Nic & Eric.
Layla is now in New York living with Jared, she wishes for nothing, except to spend time with him and sightsee the city she now lives in.  Jared is very controlling and has all these rules to 'keep her safe.'  He is very serious for such a young guy and she wishes he would remember how young he was and just loosen up a bit.  He does love her though.


Layla just does not seem to be happy, at all.  She loves Jared and wants to make this relationship work but she still carries around the guilt of what she did to Ollie and frequently thinks about him.
The sex is intense and incredible between Jared and Layla but it seems that is all they have in common, when they are not arguing they are fucking each other senseless.
Layla doesn't seem to trust Jared and seems to have this ability to jump to the biggest and worst conclusions a lot which causes huge problems between them.
Is this the life she envisioned when she got on that plane back to Jared?
There is a tipping point for Layla which leads her back to her hometown and her old group of friends, including Ollie.  She really misses her easy, fun and happy lifestyle that had none of the complications she has found being in a relationship with Jared.  Apart from Ollie, who is a complete arse to her when she returns, she is beginning to feel like her old self again.
So should she stay or should she go?
I really enjoyed this and eagerly await the third instalment of this intriguing story.
Reading Order:
Bound Together (Bound Together #1)
Last Christmas (Bound Together #1.5)
Burning Up (Bound Together #2)


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