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Trivia Friday: NAME THAT BOOK!

"NAME THAT BOOK" is an original 'Trivia Friday' post hosted by Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost! The event takes place every Friday afternoon on Facebook from 3-4pm standard Eastern time. 
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Believe it or not this all started when I decided to be at my son's school a whole half hour before his let out time so that I could get a good parking space. I know what you're thinking...the answer is YES, parking space placement is a serious issue after school. And I was determined to be directly in his line of vision as he exited the building. 

So anyway, as I sat in my car I was bored and decided what the heck...let's see if any one can name a book just by me naming a place or posting a quote. 
Suddenly readers were responding and before I knew it I had posted about nine quotes, one location and a few favorite couples and readers responded with the book title. 
Thus creating what I like to call Friday Trivia, NAME THAT BOOK!

Please keep in mind that trivia Friday is for FUN! EVERYONE is a WINNER and here's why: When I post a book quote, name a couple or the name of a place from book world it's because I want to either:
-> Bring a smile to a readers face as they remember the quote...
-> Have a reader grin as they think of that particular book couple they love

- -> OR to have you squirm at the explicit raunchiness of it all! 

However, I find that THE BEST part of trivia Friday is when someone's introduced to a new read/author that they've yet to discover just from a quote I posted. Which in my book makes us BOTH WINNERS!!!

The Idea: I post a quote, book couple or name a book world place/location and readers are to NAME THAT BOOK 


  It all started with a 'place'
. On the very first Friday Trivia I posted "Pete's Bar" added some question marks (???) and then asked readers to NAME THAT BOOK!
  The Concept: To have fun sharing what we love from our favorite books! Although, now I'm thinking maybe I should reward readers who participate consistently each week. Maybe a BIG prize the last Friday of the month for the top participant. (That idea is to be continued as I think on it)

How to participate: When the posts pops up in your feed like and/or comment! That's all it takes! There is no time constraints. If you guess correctly I will 'like' your answer if not I will answer you with a big fat 'NOPE, wrong answer'. Always remember that this is for fun!

How Blogs can participate:
Each Friday morning. I will post the previous weeks questions here on the blog. Now, if other blogs would like to participate and/or even make your very own version of Trivia Friday which I encourage here's what I want you to do.
- Pick a time slot to post on FB. It should preferably last an hour in length but it's up to you on how to time it.
-Comment here with the link to your blog Facebook page and the time slot you chose to host your very own Trivia Friday! I will list your blog FB page as a Trivia Friday Blog participant in my posting here each Friday night giving others the chance to visit and play the following week during your very own Trivia Friday.

Last weeks trivia, posted 8-19-14 on our Facebook page with the answers listed below:

1. "Why don't you like to be touched?"
"Because I'm fifty shades of fucked-up..."

2. “To my surprise, Nick reached under his shirt and pulled out the half-heart pendant. With his gaze fixed on mine, he slid the chain over my head. “No one should have to go through life with only half a heart,” he whispered.”

3. “Do you know why I did that?” he breathes in my ear as he grips my hips and slides inside me. My breath hitches in my throat as he begins to thrust into me, and I feel a single tear roll down the side of my face.
“Because I’m yours,” I whisper into the darkness.


 4. Starting over sucks.

When we moved to West Virginia right before my senior year, I'd pretty much resigned myself to thick accents, dodgy internet access, and a whole lot of boring... until I spotted my hot neighbor, with his looming height and eerie green eyes. Things were looking up.

And then he opened his mouth.
5. 'I wanted to have dysfunctional relationships and flings but did that happen? Nope. I felt like Elena from the Vampire Diaries. She has two insanely hot men who are in love with her and would do anything for her. One of which, she would give almost everything to be with, and the other she continues to push away, even though she can't ever actually stay away, so she won't have to admit she was in love with him too. At least my guys weren't brothers. Thank God for that.'

“There’s bullet holes in that sign,” Tino observed drily.


  7. A Denver socialite, seems to have a good life until she becomes the victim of a botched carjacking. In a matter of minutes, her life is forever altered. She is abducted, transported, and held for days by three brutal men in a remote mountain location. She escapes only to end up barefoot, nearly naked, and hopelessly lost in the Colorado wilderness at the beginning of a harsh winter.


  8. "You haven't gotten the dynamics of our relationship down yet, have you? Let me explain it to you: we're involved, very involved. You're mine and your problems are also mine. No one messes with what belongs to me. Don't fight me on that because you'll lose, baby. And be aware next time you hide something like that from me, I'll turn you over my knee and spank your ass red. Do we understand each other?"

9. “In my life, I’ve learned when to let shit go and when to fight for it. This, babe, what we got, I’ll fight for.”


  10. " There are only two reasons why you leave someone you're still in love with - either it's the right thing to do, or it's the only thing to do".


  11. 'I stood there after the door closed, my body still humming from the orgasm, my ripped underwear up around my waist, the warm trickle of semen starting to flow down my thigh and listened. The rap of footsteps following his retreat was not to my liking. Not one bit.'


1. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James 2. Sweet Gum tree by Katherine Allred 3. Seven Sons by Lili st. Germain 4. Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout 5. Taking Chances by Molly McAdams 6. Star Crossed by Kele Moon 7. Betrayed by Wodke Hawkinson 8. More than Meets the Ink (Bowen, #1) by Elle Aycart 9. The Gamble by Kristen Ashley 10. The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1) by Tiffany Reisz 11. Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1) by Raine Miller

 YOU can participate in trivia Friday! We welcome all BOOK LOVERS!

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