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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: BROKEN by Kelly Elliot

Broken (Broken Series, Book #1)
By: Kelly Elliot
Layton Morris and his brother Mike grew up not knowing what it would be like to live in a normal home. With no running water or electricity in their home, no parents around to protect them, they quickly learned how to survive and depend only on each other.

When a tragic accident takes Mike away from Layton, and the only other person that he ever let into his heart walked away from him, leaving his heart shattered, Layton focuses all of his time and energy into the ranch he and his brother dreamed of. He makes a vow to himself to never let love in again. The last thing Layton needed or wanted was more heartache.

Whitley Reynolds grew up in a privileged home in upstate New York. When she landed the star football player in high school no one was surprised, not even Whitley. She dreamed of a life with Roger living in New York City and happily followed him there.

The first time Roger hit her for arguing with him about a dinner party, she forgave him. The more it happened, the further Whitley withdrew from her friends and family. One fateful day things go to far. Whitley makes a promise to herself and finds the courage to do the one thing she thought she’d never be able to do.

Fleeing with her best friend Courtney, Whitley was determined to put her past behind her and start a new life in the small town of Llano, Texas, where no one would ever find out about her past.

Will they both ever learn to trust and love again, or will their pasts come back to haunt them, keeping them both alone and…


I loved the Wanted series by this author and was hoping this would be in the same vein as that, lucky for me it is.
Whitley lives in New York with her boyfriend Roger, he is controlling and cruel.  He constantly demeans her, cheats on her and physically abuses her.  It all comes to a head when he pushes her down the stairs one night and she wakes up in hospital.  That is the final breaking point for her and she decides to leave him for good and with her friend Courtney, they move to the town of Llano in Texas.
Layton lives on a ranch in Llano, raising cattle and racing thoroughbred horses.  His life hasn't always been this charmed.  His mother died of cancer when he was a small boy and his father left him and his older brother to fend for themselves.  They did just that and built the ranch up to what it is now, with a beautiful homestead too.  Six months ago his brother Mike was killed in action with the Marines, the following day Layton's girlfriend Olivia dumped him and ran off with one of his mates.  He has been living in grief and sadness for months and trying to keep his promise to his brother to keep the ranch going.
Whitley is setting up her own party planning business and is on her way to her first appointment when her car breaks down.  Along comes a very hot looking cowboy riding a horse, Layton, and her 'rescues' this damsel in distress.  Initially they seem to really dislike each other but after bumping into each other a few more times they realise the attraction they have for each other.
Whitley is very jumpy around him because of what she went through with Roger and doesn't want to feel things for Ryan.  Layton is still grieving for his brother and heartbroken over Olivia dumping him.
Despite all of this they give in to their desire to be together and they really are perfect for each other.  She is pretty much his dream girl - his CG (Country Girl).
Everything is going along sweetly until Olivia decides to start staking a claim on Layton, despite the fact that she is engaged to be married to the guy she left Layton for.  She stirs up all kinds of trouble for them and is a pain in the ass.  Her best friend Courtney is enjoying a bit of attention from Layton's friends too which also causes a few problems.  Then something from Whitley's past rolls into town to shake everything up.

This is a classic Kelly Elliott read, gorgeous hot sexy and intensely romantic cowboys who love their woman with so much passion.

Guest Reviewer @Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost!
“Will you do me a favor? I’m going to slowly start driving. Will you lean out and take a look at the tire? Tell me if everything looks okay.”
 She nodded as she grabbed on to the bar. She leaned out the side of the Jeep. “Okay…ready.”
I smiled and gunned it while I held the brake down. Mud flew up everywhere, and she let out a scream that I was sure Mimi and her husband Frank would hear.
I let off the gas and looked over toward her. She was covered in mud.
“Oops. Sorry.”
Her mouth dropped open, and she balled up her fists. “You asshole! My eyes are burning from the mud in them, you fuckwad!”
I lost it and started laughing. I laughed so hard that I was pretty sure I’d snorted once or twice.
Whitley jumped out and began walking away.
“Where are you going?” I called after her.
“As far away from you as I can get!”
She turned and walked backward as she shot me the finger with both hands. Then, she dropped out of sight.
I jumped out of the Jeep and ran over to her.
“Shit! Oh shit! Oh my God…shit!” She cried out over and over as she held on to her ankle.
“Sweetheart, what’s wrong? Whit, what’s wrong?” I dropped to my knees.
She looked up at me, and the next thing I knew, I had a handful of mud in my face. She smeared it all over my face and down my neck. She started laughing, but then she quickly stopped when I looked at her.
“You better run,” I said, glaring at her.
“What?” She jumped up and started to run.
I gave her a good thirty-second head start before I went after her. She kept looking back at me, laughing. She ran up to a group of oaks.
“You think a few trees are going to stop me?” I asked with a sly smile.
“Layton, let’s just call a truce, okay? Truce ’cause I’m itching all over. I really need to get this mud off of me.”
I shook my head. “Oh no, Miss Reynolds. Payback is a bitch.”
“Wait! You got mud on me first! I was paying you back.”
I acted like I was going to run to the left and then made a sharp move to the right. She screamed and tried to go left, but then she slipped. I ran up to her, picked her up, and threw her over my shoulder. I looked up and saw we were near the hunter’s cabin. There was a tank right around the bend next to the cabin.
Oh yeah, her ass is going in the tank.
“Layton, put me down! Layton! Oh. My. God. No, Layton, no! Where are you taking me?”
She must have seen the tank because she started kicking and screaming.
“Scream all you want, honey. No one can hear you!” I laughed.
“Mimi! Frank!” she yelled out. “I know sound travels in the country.”
“Whit, it’s pouring. No one can hear you.”
I smacked her ass, and she let out another scream.
“You’re crazy! Layton, please…I’ll do anything.”
I walked up to the edge of the tank and saw a snake. Shit. She lucked out!
I turned around and saw a huge mud puddle. I started walking toward the cabin.
“Oh, thank God! I thought you were going to throw me in the tank.”
“I was…but I saw a snake.”
She started screaming and kicking again. “Oh my God! Put me down! I just want to go back to the house. I want down, Layton! Now!”
“You want down?”
“Yes! Right now, you asshole!”
“Okay then.” I dropped her right into the mud puddle.

Really I'm just a wife to a wonderful Texas cowboy who has a nack for making me laugh almost daily and supports my crazy ideas and dreams for some unknown reason...he claims it's because he loves I'll just go with that one!

I'm also a mom to an amazing daughter who constantly is asking me to make her something to eat while she has her fingers moving like mad on her cell phone sending out what I'm sure is another very important text message!

Oh...and I like to sit down and write in my spare time!

I live in the Texas hill country and one of my favorite things to do is go for hikes around our property with my second favorite man, chocolate lab and my sweet girl Rose, our golden retriever. When I'm not outside helping the hubby haul brush or move rocks or whatever fun chore he has in store for me that day, you will find me inside reading, writing or watching HGTV and soaking in a nice hot bubble bath.....yeah that last one I just made up but it sure does sound nice!!!


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