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Review & Giveaway: Theirs to Play by Kenya Wright

Theirs to Play (Billionaire Games, Book #1)
By: Kenya Wright
Two billionaire brothers enjoy twisted games where women are the sport. They find a female, date her, and compete to see who can bed her first.

Too bad they picked the wrong one this time. Dawn's too smart for their verbal play and too quick to get trapped by clever ploys.

The more the brothers work to capture her heart, the more they discover she might not be theirs to play.

Wow, this was a refreshing quick read!
Freddy & Max are very wealthy and sexy looking brothers.  They have everything they could ever wish for and travel the world living off their allowances from their parents.  Freddy owns a luxury yacht, he is the saver and Max enjoys the perks, he is a big spender, particularly when it comes to gambling.  They like to play a 'game' with woman and are looking for their next target.  They find a hot looking girl, make a bet between themselves and see who can get the girl to sleep with them first.  Once their mission is accomplished they dump and run.
They come across Dawn sitting on the beach in Miami.  She has recently moved there after getting away from her cheating boyfriend and decides to spend the summer preparing for her entrance into college.  They decide to target her and start spinning their pick up lines.  She sees right through them, after all she has 5 brothers.  She is also wary of rich guys who use money to get what they want.  She agrees to dinner with them and she manages to get them to reveal their 'game' to her and telling them that neither of them is going to win anyway.
Neither of the boys counted on her being so sassy and head strong and it's kind of refreshing really.  They are both pretty hard to resist but she stands her ground.
One of the guys starts to develop feelings for her that he is having a hard time understanding and really wants to end the game and make her trust him for real.  The other brother also wants in.  Then there are persistent weekly phone calls from her ex boyfriend who can't seem to let go either.
Three men, all wanting the same girl.
A very interesting twisty end to the story but a really different read that I enjoyed :)
I will definitely be looking out for book two!
*ARC received from author for an honest review*
Guest Reviewer @Reality Bites! Let's Get Lost!
Max's POV

She rubbed her hands together. “So I’m your game for tonight?”

“No, Dawn.” Hunger laced my brother's Freddy’s voice. It was the subtle change in his tone that happened right before he decided to take a woman to his bed. “You’re the game for this summer.”

Her expression didn’t break, never faltered or changed. She leaned in closer to him and licked her lips. I could’ve sworn I heard Freddy growl or maybe I’d done it myself. Her confidence did something to me, it lassoed my senses in, made me want to touch my dick and do nasty things.

“If you think you can last the whole summer with me involved in your little game, then you’re not as smart as I thought. Are you Freddy?” She moved in closer. Her breast hovered beautifully over the table. Her face was half a foot from his.

Freddy gripped the table so hard; I could see the whites forming around his fingertips. “You like saying my nickname don’t you?”


“Get used to it, you’ll be moaning it soon.”

“Hmm. You’ll have to earn a moan from me, sweet Freddy. You’re not the first rich guy I’ve met and you won’t be the last.” She sat back in her seat. 
Kenya Wright always knew she would be famous since the ripe old age of six when she sang the Michael Jackson thriller song in her bathroom mirror. She has tried her hand at many things from enlisting in the Navy for six years as a Persian-Farsi linguist to being a nude model at an art university.

However, writing has been the only constant love in her life. Will she succeed? Of course.

For she has been coined The Urban Fantasy Queen, the Super Iconic Writer of this Age, The Lyrical Genius of Our Generation. Granted, these are all terms coined by her, within the private walls of her bathroom as she still sings the Michael Jackson thriller song.

Kenya Wright currently resides in Miami with her three amazing, overactive children, a supportive, gorgeous husband, and three cool black cats that refuse to stop sleeping on Kenya’s head at night.




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