Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review: Forever Jack by Natasha Boyd

Forever Jack (Eversea Series, Book #2)
By: Natasha Boyd
You really need to read Eversea first to really appreciate this book.

Keri Ann Butler lives in the seaside town of Butlers Cove. Her parents are dead and she lives in the historic family homestead that was left to her and her brother on her grandmothers passing.
Her life changed the minute Jack Eversea walked into the bar she works at.  He meets Keri Ann who is like no other girl he has met before. Friendship soon turns to lust and they eventually give in to their desires. Keri Ann is everything he wants in a woman, without all the fake hollywood crap that follows him everywhere he goes.
When we last saw these two , Jack  had to make a choice - leaving Kerri Ann heartbroken.  It is now six months later and Jack is back in town.  And he wants her back.  Kerri Ann does not want a bar of him but agrees to talk to him at least.  She deserves to know why he left her behind.

Jack is so in love with this girl and the length of time apart hasn't changed anything for him.
Kerri  Ann has been trying to move on with her life and is dating Colton, her brothers friend.  She is also doing really well with her art & sculptures.  The last thing she needs is the confusion and emotions she is still feeling for Jack.  The heart wants what the heart wants and hers wants Jack.

Can she handle being with Jack and all the paparazzi crap that follows him everywhere he goes.  She wants to make something of herself because she is talented and doesn't want Jack's celebrity status to influence her own career.

This was a fantastic conclusion to a beautiful love story :)

Series reading order
Eversea  ( Eversea #1)
Forever Jack (Eversea #2)
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