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Review: Knight & Day by Kitty French

Knight & Day (Knight Series, Book #3)
By: Kitty French
Kara Brookes hates liars.

Dylan Day hasn’t told the truth from the moment his plane touched down in Ibiza.

It’s a recipe for disaster.

Lucien and Sophie are back, and have set up camp on the sun-drenched isle of Ibiza for the opening of the latest of Lucien’s strictly adult clubs.

They’re joined for the summer by Sophie’s best friend Kara, and Dylan Day, Lucien’s newly appointed club manager. The laid back, smokin’ hot surf guy from California seems almost too good to be true… but there’s no smoke without fire. It’s going to be a long hot summer of love, lust, lies and wedding bells. But who will get their happy ever after?

Romantic, emotional and intensely erotic, Knight & Day is the thrilling final installment of the USA Today bestselling Knight Series from Kitty French.

This is such a hot & steamy series and if you love alpha males then you will fall in love with Lucien Knight.
Lucien is about to open a new club in Ibiza and has rented a house there for the summer.  His beautiful lady Sophie & daughter Tilly will be arriving in two weeks, along with Kara, Sophie’s best friend.  The two girls have a string of adult boutiques at Lucien’s clubs and they are preparing to open the newest one in Ibiza.
A young American guy has arrived in Ibiza, looking for a change and before long he finds his way to Lucien’s club and is appointed as his assistant manager.  Dylan Day is running from his past.  This could ne the new beginning he needs.
Sophie & Kara arrive early before too long Kara meets Dylan and the chemistry is off the wall.  He loves her honest, no holds barred attitude and before long they can’t get enough of each other.

When someone from Dylan’s past arrives in Ibiza, Dylan fears that his secrets will be exposed, the last thing he wants to do is upset Kara. Lucien and Dylan become firm friends and even though Lucien suspects that Dylan is hiding from something, he accepts him for who he is but warns him not to hurt Kara.
We get lots more Lucien & Sophie and their love and devotion to each other is just beautiful.  There are so many special moments for this couple in this story.

Kara and Dylan have fallen in love with each other over this summer in Ibiza but it all comes to a head when Dylan’s ugly past hits them upside the side of the head.  It’s really heartbreaking.  I so badly want Kara to finally pick a guy who she can trust and loves her the way she deserves too.
This was such a great read, could not put it down until it was finished.  I highly recommend this whole series, it’s addictive.
I give this 5 hot and sexy stars! 
Series reading order:
Knight & Play - #1
Knight & Stay - #2
Knight & Day - #3
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