Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Review: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars
By: John Green
Despite the tumor-shrinking medical miracle that has bought her a few years, Hazel has never been anything but terminal, her final chapter inscribed upon diagnosis. But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waters suddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group, Hazel's story is about to be completely rewritten.
This is a book that I've had sitting on my kindle for a while now. It is one of those that I really wanted to read, but knew there would be tears and sadness. So, I kept putting it off because who in their right mind willingly goes into reading something they know will make them ugly cry like there is no tomorrow?! But then I saw the movie trailer and I realized, there is so much more to the story than just the sadness of it.

So, I finally caved and started reading it. And yes, before you ask, I DID ugly cry something fierce. Reading about someone having cancer period is upsetting, no matter the age of the person. But when it is a child, it takes on a whole new level of grief. Especially of you are a parent. You never want to think something like the "C" word could happen to your child. But it can. And it does for so many.

Despite the difficultly of the subject matter, I am glad I read the book. I know it sounds crazy to say that after admitting I shed many tears, but reading it meant I got to experience Gus and Hazel's story. THAT made the tears worth it. They are characters that will quickly steal your heart. For me, it wasn't because they had cancer, it was in spite of it. They were so wise beyond their years at many times. But also very much still teenagers.

Now that I have read the book, I am a bit scared to see the movie when it releases. Although the trailer for it IS what got me to finally give in to reading the book, I am scared it won't live up to what I imagine in my head. I will probably wait it out to see what initial feedback there is from my fellow book lovers.

If you have been putting TFIOS off, I highly recommend taking the plunge and reading it. Yes, there will be tears. But truly Gus and Hazel are worth every single one of them that you will cry.


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  1. Haha, "who in their right mind willingly goes into reading something they know will make them ugly cry like there is no tomorrow?!" <--THIS. I so get you about this. It was why it took me a long, long time to buy the book, and why I had to read it the day I bought it (cause I knew otherwise I would put it off forever).
    Unlike you, though, at the time of reading the book I kind of regretted doing so because of all the pain. My heart literally broke. Now, though, I don't regret it one tiny bit. But back then, with all the emotions... *shrug*
    I will see the movie... and I will bring tissues.