Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Touch of Winter by Evie Hunter

A Touch of Winter

By Evie Hunter

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4 stars

Conclusion to The Pleasures of Winter (Review here). 

Abbie Marshall has been dating Hollywood heart-throb Jack Winter for a year now.  Upon arriving at his home to surprise him after being gone on a journalist mission, she finds him in a very compromising position with another woman.  A heart-broken Abbie runs, with Jack on her heels.  Jack has to try to convince Abbie that she is his one and only sub. 

My Thoughts:

This was extremely short, but very very hot scenes.  I would have liked it much better if it was the epilogue to The Pleasures of Winter, even though right now it is free on amazon.  Even though short, I was still pulled into the story, mainly because of my love for the first.  This book has references to the first and the other characters we were introduced to.    The connection between Abbie and Jack was undeniable.  The love and chemistry were powerful. 

Love this!  This is a definite read after The Pleasures of Winter!

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