Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slammed by Colleen Hoover


By Colleen Hoover

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5+ Stars

After suddenly losing her father, eighteen year old Texan, Layken is uprooted from the only home she’s ever known and moved to Michigan.  Lake hates Michigan—the cold, snow, missing her childhood home, friends, missing her senior year of high school---everything.

Until the hottie across the street, Will Cooper introduces himself and there is an instant connection that she has never experienced before.

Will introduces his real self to Lake, by taking her to a club for Slamming.  Lake is in awe—not only for him, but for his writing. 

Upon Lake’s first day of high school, she suffers a huge blow.  Can Lake and Will survive it?

My Thoughts:

I have a new book boyfriend!

I never thought I was a YA kinda gal---but I am learning that I was wrong!

I freaking loved this book!!!

When I first read the Goodreads description, I was apprehensive. I have never been into poetry, but I got it in this book. I got it big time.  I loved the feelings and emotions the poems brought out in the characters and me!

Speaking of the characters—OMG!  Will and Layken had so much depth to them and I was dragged, willingly, into their depths of love, hate, frustration, hope, anger and loss.  It was so well written!

Will is such a great man.  He’s so responsible, caring and loving that I was immediately in love with him.  My heart ached for him.  The cards he was dealt in life sucked—but he made the best of his situation.  I felt extreme pride for him.

For being eighteen, Lake was so much more mature than any 18 year old I’ve met.  She’s been dealt a shit hand also—but takes it in strides.  The way she cares about her brother Kel and always thinks of him first was astonishing. 

I admit—I balled like a baby throughout this story.  Between the poetry, secrets, notes and letters, I couldn’t hold back!

I would give this book more than 5 stars if it was allowed.  It is a must read for everyone, even if YA is not your thing….because I didn’t think it was mine and I was wrong! 

I am super excited to read Point of Retreat next to find out what happens to Will and Lake!

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