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The Proposition by Katie Ashley

The Proposition

By Katie Ashley

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4 Stars

All Emma Harrison wants is a baby and love, but not necessarily together.  After her best friend, Connor refuses to help her with one of her wants; an unlikely source offers her a hand. 

Aiden Fitzgerald is known as a womanizer and has been around the block or office more times than anyone can count.  Since Emma turned down Aiden’s advances, Aiden has had his eyes set on her.  Adian comes up with a proposition for her, sleep with him the old fashioned way and he will provide the sperm for her child. 

Can they keep this arrangement all business?

My Thoughts:

First and foremost are the conversations between Aiden and Emma were so real and captivating.  I felt as if I was watching an honest conversation between two of my close friends.  They were very well written and drew me totally into the story. 

I admit, my first thought of Adian was---he’s a pig…wants sex and doesn’t give a shit about anything else.  Well, I guess the added ‘don’t judge a person by their cover’ was very true with him!  I was very wrong about him. I loved him.  He was so closed off and to see him open was beautiful.

I felt very bad for Emma.  Her life has thrown her some unbelievable hardships and I just wanted to be her BFF and make it better!  I totally understood why she wanted a baby so badly, when I was younger I felt the same way.  I could totally relate to her.  I loved seeing her at home with her family and friends.  It was ultimately heartwarming. 

I do admit I found myself smiling like a Cheshire Cat many times throughout the story.

You’re probably wondering why did I only give it 4 stars.  There were two reasons.  One, the beginning was a little lacking for me.  I like a little get up and go and I got that more towards the middle and end.  Two was the ending!  I was sooo pissed it ended just like *poof*!  But I supposed Katie wanted that so I would be on my hands and knees begging for The Proposal to come out! 

Overall, a great read.

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