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Undercover Professor by December Gephart

Undercover Professor

by December Gephart

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3.5 Stars

Goodreads Summary:

Rule Number One: Must not lie.

Rule Number Two: Must not live with parents.

Rule Number Three: Must have a job.

Rule Number Four: Must not be a friend's ex.

These dating rules shouldn't be hard for Lucy Benoit to follow—after all, she made them. But she didn't plan on falling for Andy Sullivan, a scruffy-yet-attractive man who lives with his mother and is between jobs. These should be deal-breakers, but in other ways Andy is just her type. And there's something intriguing about him…

Andy isn't the geeky gamer he claims to be—not by a long shot. But what seemed like a harmless social experiment has put his chances of a relationship with Lucy at risk. Even if she can get past the silly rules she has set for herself, will she ever forgive him for breaking Rule Number One?

My Thoughts:

Cute Short Story.

I liked Drew/Andy even though he was a liar—but the lie wasn’t bad enough to turn me off to him.  I did not see his reasoning’s for not telling her though.  I thought he should have just spat it out, but keeping it from Lacy was the draw of the story.  I loved seeing Drew’s sweet side. That is what made me forgive the lying part. 

I understood Lacy’s ‘rules’ and the hurt that she felt, even though she didn’t follow them. 

The whole, gamer, storyline, I didn’t understand.  I’m not a gamer so I have no idea anything about gaming and the people who game.  This entire part was foreign to me. 

I liked how the author built up the sexual tension between these two, but parts made me feel like it was all a conquest.  The feelings needed to be a bit stronger for the characters to make me feel otherwise.  Those feelings didn’t seem to come until later in the story. 

Becca was cray cray!!  She made my eyes bug out of my head more than once!  WOW!

I also thought there could have been more development with Kevin.  It seemed as if he was just thrown in there.  I understand the author was trying to establish reasoning for one of Lacy’s rules, but I thought it could have been more developed. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a short romance about rules and gaming, this is the book for you.

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