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Review and Giveaway of Exquisite by Ella Frank AND A SNEEK PEEK INTO ENTICE!!

Review, Giveaway and a Special Peek into



By Ella Frank
 Also posted at: Ms. Reality's Goodreads
Book was given by author for review.
I have received an exclusive snippet of Entice from Ella!  Please continue to read!!
4.5 Stars
For nine years, Dr. Lena O’Donnell, has been consumed with guilt, struggling to make it through each day, drowning herself in her work.  Unable to get past that one fateful night and her horrible loss, Lena has closed herself off and built concrete walls around her heart that the military would have trouble getting through.  Lonely, miserable and guilt ridden, Lena believes this is how her life should be.
Owner of the hottest restaurant in Chicago, Mason Langley loves the life of the hottest bachelor in the city.  Who knew that one encounter with a terribly pissed off doctor would change everything. Mason cannot stop thinking of Lena. 
As the tension and chemistry explodes between these two, they begin to feel their walls start to crumble. 
When tragedy strikes, the effect on the couple is astronomical and surviving it together may not be an option.
My thoughts:
Initially, I had a very hard time getting into this story. The first few chapters were not grabbing my attention because Lena wasn't connecting with me.  I just wanted to smack her, but I kept chugging along and I’m so glad I did!
OH.MY.GOD. Mason Langley.  An unbelievably hot, sexy man who cooks!  HELLO!!!!  Sign me UP!!  Mason got so much more than he bargained for by helping his mom out!  That initial meeting between the hero/heroine was combustible.  The hate and loathing were just dripping off the pages.
 My initial thought of Mason was…..whoa!  What crawled up his ass—but that so did not last long!  Every time he smiled and showed those hot dimples, I felt it in my toes!  I loved that he was his own kind of flawed and so real. Also, the way Mason fought for Lena, wouldn’t let her move away and started crumbling down her walls….I mean that’s a lot of work for a playboy! 
“My dad once told me that one day I’d meet someone who drives me so crazy I want to strangle her and yet never would because I can’t bear for her to be gone. Well, that’s when I’ll know I’ve met a woman worth keeping.”
Lena—for a woman who is so broken and guilt-ridden, she sure had a lot of spunk!  I loved the quick comebacks and her relationship with Shelly!  Side note…LOVED SHELLY--she's the star of the next book in the series!  Initially, I found Lena totally annoying and had a very hard time getting past her total bitchiness, but as time went on that bitchiness turned more into attitude.  The more understandable/relatable attitude that I grew to like and connect with!  I'm not saying that I got totally over her annoyingness...because that is not true.  There were many times that I just wanted to take her out back and beat the living crap out of her!!!
I loved how the author wrote the love/hate banter between Lena and Mason.  The lines were sharp and witty!  I felt my smile creep up several times. They butted heads constantly and brought out the worst in each other.  But also the best.  I also like the sexual tension between them.  It wasn’t a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.  It was a creatively drawn out temptation that kept me wanting to know more.
"'Lena!' Turning, she looked at him and he smiled wide and whispered, 'I'd never spit in your food.'  He paused and grinned, 'I'd have a staff member do it."
HOLY HELL---the shower/bathroom scene.  OH MY!  HOT does not even begin to cover it.  This scene was so well written and I had to pick my mouth up off the floor!
"Trust me. You fed it earlier by screaming out my name when I didn't even touch you."  
Overall, this is an awesome book-which I highly recommend to all!  The bedroom and everyplace else scenes are unbelievably steamy. The characters are very well developed.  There are a wide range of emotions that I felt throughout this book. I even cried at one point (which hardly ever happens for me).  I loved the up and down rollercoaster ride I went on.  .
I can’t wait for the next book Entice to come out!!
Gotta run to the store and get me some peaches!!!!!

A Message from Ella about Entice!!!!

First off, let me say a big thank you to Ms Reality who invited me to come on her blog and give you all a little hint of things to come from the second book in the Exquisite Series, Entice.

If you didn't already know this story is about Dr. Monroe, Lena's best friend and feisty side kick.

The story centers around Shelly and her quest to find the 'perfect' man. Not only is she looking for reliable and dependable, she's also trying to prove to her father that she will not end up choosing the wrong man.

Enter Joshua Daniels - he is NOT her version of reliable or dependable - or is he?

As far as Shelly is concerned he's Mason's long time friend and best man, not someone she should get involved with and certainly not someone she should be imagining hot, sweaty and naked. He is someone she knows she can't have - too messy , too complicated.

Then why can't she stop thinking of all the possible ways to get him between the sheets for one night?

Come and join Shelly, Lena, Mason, Rachel and the newest member of the Exquisite cast, Joshua Daniels, as they take you on a journey through their lives.

Entice includes lots of laughs, nosey friends, a wedding and hot steamy sex, everything an angsty romance deserves.

Xx Ella Frank
I can't wait to read Shelly's story and find out what happens to Mason and Lena.

Ella has offered to give an eBook copy of Exquisite to one lucky reader! Yeah!! Fill out the rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Winners will be announced and emailed!
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  1. Loved this book and adore Ella! I'm so excited about the next book in the series! Good luck with the giveaway!

    1. Thanks Karla!! So far its going great!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely loved this book. It's one of my favorite reads of this year and I can't wait for Shelly and Joshua. Hope we get lots of Lena and Mason as well.

  3. Thanks Miss Reality, Karla & Steffi! I promise there is a lot to come in Shelly & Josh's story and we MOST definately get more of Lena and Mason, oh and Rachel ;-)

    1. I'm assuming Rachel will be the heroine of the third book? Are you definitely planing a trilogy or might there be more than three in the series? I'm being nosy but I'm so excited about Entice and whatever is coming after that. Can't wait!

  4. Pick ME!! I want to win this book. I've heard awesome things. So, I'm in. Very excited!!

  5. Steffi, not nosey at all. This is a trilogy with three different characters. Yes Rachel will be back as the third, she has so much story to tell. After all she lost both her parents too. A lot of hidden pain there.

    1. Thanks, Ella. Looking forward to Rachel's story, too! She needs a man to keep her on her toes:)

  6. This is on my list and I can't wait to read it.

  7. So looking forward to your next book, Ella! No need to pick me, since I've got my very own "Kindling" copy of Exquisite. Funny, I kind of miss seeing a well-worn copy of a favorite book, which Exquisite definitely is for me. Maybe some brilliant techie could come up with a way of making our fave ebook covers appear "gently used"? ;)

  8. I cannot wait for Entice to come out! I absolutely loved Exquisite! I cried, laughed and I fell in love with Mason! I was never a fan of peaches until I read this book, now I am a HUGE fan of peaches! :)

  9. Is there a date when Entice will be out? I can't wait!