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In Flight by R.k. Lilley

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4.5 Stars (For Bianca staying true to herself and not falling for shit; For Stephan being the best BFF that anyone could ever want; For the overall story)

Goodreads Summary:

When reserved flight attendant Bianca gets one look at billionaire hotel owner James Cavendish, she loses all of her hard-won composure. For a girl who can easily juggle a tray of champagne flutes at 35,000 feet in three inch heels, she finds herself shockingly weak-kneed from their first encounter. The normally unruffled Bianca can't seem to look away from his electrifying turquoise gaze. They hold a challenge, and a promise, that she finds impossible to resist, and she is a girl who is used to saying no and meaning it.

Bianca is accustomed to dealing with supermodels and movie stars in her job as a first class flight attendant, but James Cavendish puts them all to shame in the looks department. If only it were just his looks that she found so irresistible about the intimidating man, Bianca could have ignored his attentions. But what tempts her like never before is the dominant pull he seems to have over her from the moment they meet, and the promise of pleasure, and pain, that she reads in his eyes.

This book is intended for ages 18 and up.


I am utterly surprised that this book/trilogy isn’t getting much much more buzz!  It is a great read and deserves much more attention.

This book has a very similar feel to Fifty Shades and Bared to You.  If you are fans of those books, you will be of this one as well.  But don’t let that detour those of you who are not fans. It’s worth the read.  This book is from Bianca’s point of view.  You are pulled into her thoughts, emotions, sexual experiences (or lack thereof), confidence, despair, hurt, laughter, friends, enemies…. I was sucked in by her.

I freaking loved Bianca.  I know she is scarred from her past (who the hell isn’t), but what astounded me in this book is her self-assuredness.  I loved that she called bullshit on James and even though that attraction was there, she still took everything at face value.  (Sometimes maybe too much) She didn’t do the fall in love with him at first sight (even though I think she really did but played it off well).  She is so unbelievably strong.  I loved how she flat out told him what was off limits with her and what was an automatic deal breaker.  I loved that she wasn’t a whiney character. Bianca was also so closed inside of herself on things that it was crushing.  She had this tough shell, but she hurt.  The author did a great job with allowing the reader to feel along with Bianca. 

I LOVED BIANCA’S BFF STEPHAN!  Okay!!  Now if there is a spinoff of this series it has to be about Stephan.  He could be an entire trilogy himself!  I want a BFF like him!  He is the most loyal, trustworthy friend.  I loved how close he and Bianca were.  I loved how he would do anything and I mean anything for her!  Please!!! Please!!! Write his book!!!!

James….OH..…James….. I wanted to love him and I think towards the end I was getting there.  But there was a bit of character disconnect for me.  Not knowing much about him and not hearing his thoughts—hurt his character in my eyes.  I would have loved to learn more about him and feel him. The main term that bothered me was about her hymen…really??  Who says that?? That being said, I do love me a strong alpha male who goes after what he wants and that is what saved James in my mind. Not to mention sexy as hell and fantastic in the bedroom…or well anywhere.  (And the fact that I immediately read book 2 Mile High and fell totally in love with him!—But that review will be soon) 

Oh and the snatches in this book…well they suck!

The end of this book had me gasping….I couldn’t believe what I was reading.  I’m not going to spoil it for you, but DAMN!

Overall, great read. I couldn’t put it down.  I immediately went to the second book!  It makes me want to be a flight attendant and join the mile high club! 


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