Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Cake by Nicole Reed

By: Nicole Reed
Would you be willing to make a mess of your life to get exactly what you want?

Kylie Lord has known Trent Moss and Dray Savage since college. Trent, the smart and kind-hearted humanitarian has had her heart from the moment they met, but someone else always has his. Dray is an arrogant professional football player who happens to be Trent’s best friend and Kylie’s nemesis “with benefits.”

Five years after graduation, Kylie is commanding the world with a new image and a successful business; however, she lacks the one thing she wants and the one thing she can never have. That is, until one fateful night when Kylie decides to go after all of her forbidden fantasies and risk everything.

Two men, completely different and poles apart, but together they are her idea of perfection. One can only offer her tonight and the other forever, but can Kylie settle for just one man, or can she have her cake and eat it too?

*ARC provided by author for an honest review*

It is always a nerve-wracking yet exciting time to read a new book from your favorite author. Nerve-wracking because it is something new and different. And exciting because, well, it is new and different! You know it is going to be good, but will it be so different you don't love it as much as the other books the author has written? 

Yeah, I don't know what the hell I was worried about with Cake. This is Nicole Reed we are talking about here, so ANYTHING she writes is going to be amazaballs!! And Cake certainly proved that. It is a complete 360 from her Ruining Series. It shows us a whole new side of Nicole and the awesomeness that is her writing ability. 

This book is about love, friendships, family and all the ups and downs that come with them. There isn't a character that you meet that you won't love in Cake. They all are such a part of Kylie's life that you will find yourself drawn to them just as much as our heroine. My personal fave though is Madison. Her humor had be cracking up from the beginning. 

"You have to admit, his voice gets you wetter than a cucumber in a women's prison."

And of course there is Dray! He reminded me of one of those little boys that pull your hair on the playground because they like you. But he could pull my hair any day "fans self". He was pure sex on a stick and I don't fault Kylie one bit for jumping on his offer of no strings sex. 

But can you really have sex without becoming emotionally involved? Especially if your heart already belongs to someone else? 

Kylie is not a perfect character by any stretch of the imagination. She makes choices that will leave you saying "what the HELL is she thinking?!". But that is also the thing that makes her character so lovable. Her flaws make her more relatable, because haven't we all made decisions we wish we could go back and change? It is learning from those mistakes that make us grow and become a better person, which I think Kylie did. 

I don't want to say anything else because I don't want to ruin the story for anyone. This is a must read book that will give a little bit of everything you could want in a book, including NO CLIFF HANGER!!
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Side note, I have already emailed Nicole asking if a certain set of characters in this book will be getting their own! You will know who I am talking about when you get to the end. If you want more of them, PLEASE let her know! If we all ask for it then she might just give it to us!



  1. I cannot wait to read this book!!! :-) Thanks for the giveway!