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Author Interview, Review and Giveaway for VIP by M. Robinson

VIP by M. Robinson
Genre: Adult Romance Erotica
Released on: December 13, 2013

Author Interview, Review and Giveaway!

32 year old Sebastian Vanwell, was a very successful yacht broker, who always loved the design and architecture of a luxurious boat. His only addiction was being on the water. He loved it, he thrived on it, and he needed it in his life. After a very stable, loving child hood with only a few bumps, Sebastian married the love of his life. The one person that he knew would always be there. Julia was his rock, and he loved her more than life itself. Sebastian kept his addiction to the water under control, wanting to keep his time with his wife and son his number one obsession, that was until he saw her. This new addiction haunted him, the one compulsion that he couldn't control no matter how hard he tried.

Ysabelle Telle hit him hard, knocking the wind from his lungs. Coming from worlds apart, beautiful, dark complexion Ysabelle Telle didn't have the rich, protected background that Sebastian Vanwell had. Ysabelle lived a life of hell, in poverty, growing up with a drug addict mother that never cared, and horrific living conditions. Ysabelle lived for one person and one person only; herself. She was pure perfection, her beauty along with a flawless body had men lined up, driveling over her insuring her success as a VIP.

There are too many words that describe the effects when two diverse worlds like theirs collide. They both have too much to lose to get caught in the forceful pull, which could destroy them both.

Warning sex/drugs/language. Mature readers only

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Minor Spoilers (none will hinder your reading experience)
-mature content reader discretion is advised.
4 HEARTS out of 5
Genre: Adult Romance Erotica

 photo VIPCOLLAGE_zps428cee63.jpg

I can’t remember the last time I was this hesitant to start a book. Plus, with so many mixed reviews I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. Am I happy I read VIP? HELL YES! As you read this review I want you to know that I recommend this book as a Read At Your Own Risk. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING about this book was easy to digest.

Before I dip in to the story and its characters I want to talk about the writing. M. Robinson has a journey writing style. By Journey I mean that readers voyage alongside the characters as they give us vivid details of their lives. She told the story in first person using dual pov’s over an expanse of time from childhood to adulthood which I for one LOVED! No need to give me a background recap or a flashback, nope I get up close and personal with Ysabelle and Sebastian from their earliest memory on up.

My Review

Who Is Ysabelle Telle?

I’m a generational whore.” I confessed with a smile. -Ysa

Ysabelle is an escort, a to be more exact she's a VIP. What’s a VIP you ask, well, VIP stands for Very Important Pussy. *Grins* It’s an elite escort service based in Miami yet caters to the wealthiest men and woman all around the world. You cannot just become a VIP, you are chosen by Madam to be a VIP.
 Ysabelle grew up living with her mother, under some very HARSH circumstances. She has no idea who her father is because her mother has no idea who he is. I guess that’s what happens when you prostitute yourself out to various men to gain your drug supply, which is exactly what her mother did.

At 16 Ysabelle decides do what she has to and she hitches a ride to Miami. By 18, she is recruited to be a VIP.

“I want to make you a VIP.”  -Madam

Readers do not get much info on Madam but we do learn that she caters to the elite.

'My little black book is filled with names from all around the world, politicians, celebrities, sheiks, prince’s, kings, doctors, men, and women, all looking for the same thing.” -Madam

And we’re not talking chump change we’re talking tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

 Madam takes care of her girls and Ysa is obviously a favorite.

Time flies when you’re blowing guys…just a little bit of humor for you.  -Ysa

A few years pass and Ysabelle of course takes to the life like a natural. Everything seems to be going good, better then goo even and then she meets Sebastian.

 photo vipquotes2_zps582740ff.jpg

Who is Sebastian Vanwell?

Sebastian is 32yr old  married, successful Yacht Broker, the second he lays eyes on Ysabelle his life completely changes and he has no idea it happened until it’s too late.

My mouth dropped open. I didn’t know what to say. I had just called a whorehouse. Ysabelle was a prostitute.  -Sebastian

One phone call has him in deep, too deep if you ask me.(No pun intended)

While Sebastian wants to believe that his paid time spent with Ysa is innocent it’s apparent to readers that it is not. Readers will know the facts…his past. Regardless, the sexual tension between the two simmers until it finally goes BOOM!

 photo VIPQUOTEPIC_zps73bbb264.jpg

I think I struggled at first with Sebastian’s attraction to Ysa because I knew… why he saw her and instantly desired her. Nevertheless whatever motivates these two to be together it allows something deeper to take root; stirring up a fire storm of emotions in both of them.

I didn’t do emotions; I didn’t know how to handle them. I couldn’t deny that it felt riveting. I felt cherished. His strong arms felt comforting and safe. I found myself closing my eyes and breathing him in. -Ysa

 photo vipquote3_zps1015a0e0.jpg

As the love affair progresses, Ysa tries to remember the facts

I’ll never be the one he lays next to every night…
I’ll never be the one that he makes love to time after time…
I’ll never be the one he plans a future with…
I’ll never be the one he grows old with…
 I’ll never be the one he comes home to…
And I’ll never be the one that he says ‘I love you’ to… I’m the whore, the escort, the mistress, the prostitute, it doesn’t matter what way you say it…I’m the other fucking woman.
 I’ll always be second place.

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I want to say sooooo much MORE! But I can’t…

My Sweet and Sour
My Sweet - I LOVED the way the story is told first person with dual pov’s! At certain moments in the dialogue I really felt like Ysa was talking to me.
My Sour- The editing, honestly the editing is why I gave it 4 stars.

M. Robinson, don’t think I did not peep the shout to the Kardashian’s with that small mention of the Dash Store in South Beach. Well... not sure if it was a shout out but I noticed it.
 Umm..YES folks, The Kardashian’s are my guilty pleasure! DON’T JUDGE ME. Your totally judging me aren’t you?

Important Questions
  1. Why Ysa? Madam said she chose and watched her till she was legal, why?
2. Did Ysa’s mom tell the truth does she really not know who her dad is? I mean it’s not farfetched considering how she is living but still, I’m curious.
3. Did Julia have anything to do with Olivia's death???

Burning question 4. Is there ANY relation between Olivia and Ysabelle? 
Or is it just a coincidence? Here’s the thing, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES. Not in story land.

My Rating and Why
4 STARS, I loved the story and how it all unfolded. I got an intense sense of anticipation as I waited for worlds to collide. And when it happens..HO. LEE. SH*T!. I enjoyed how the author threw in those curve balls causing you to duck before your head catches a clean hit. And I loved reading about the three amigos and the love triangle to end allll triangles. That whole situation was C R A Z Y.

My Ratings
Characters- Lovable, Sexy and Flawed
Writing Style- My cup of tea
Plot/Storyline- Rich guy falls for escort and she for him
Steam Factor- HIGH/VERY STEAMY on a scale of 1-10 I say 10++++
Overall- I LOVED IT!
My Recommendation: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

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*ARC copy provided by the author for an honest review*

First and foremost Reality Bites thanks M. Robinson for taking the time out to answer our and a few fan questions. It is greatly appreciated!

PLEASE NOTE: All of author M. Robinson's answers are highlighted in red.

I want to start off by discussing your heroines and the thought process you had with constructing these characters. Julia, Ysabelle and Madam are all strong willed and strong minded alpha females. Now I for one LOVE a strong female.  
1. What made you decide to cast three of them? I am an avid reader I read all the time. I am tired of reading books where the man is the alpha male and the heroine is an innocent virgin. I wanted to write a book where the woman can be the vixen, enjoy sex, and be the powerful strong alpha female. I always knew Madam was going to be a sadist bad-ass that you have a love/hate relationship with. Ysabelle was going to have the take no shit kind of attitude, plus be bad-ass in her own way. And Julia came to me as a wrote.  

2.   In one scene Olivia goes after what she wants. Sebastian, by sneaking in to his room but then she backs off after he practically refuses her. Now I sort of understand why he said no however she could have pushed harder for what she wanted. Why did you allow her to essentially accept defeat? I wanted to leave Oli’s death a mystery and I wanted Sebastian and the readers to feel like it could have been suicide. I left it open. And I needed a reason for why she would turn on him. I think all women hit their limits and she hit hers. 

3.   Do you consider Oli’s character to be weak? Absolutely!! I am a Spanish teacher for 6-12 grade. I see kids everyday and girls are influenced so easily. They wear their emotions on their sleeves. Guys have so much power in a young girls adolescence. I wanted to show that in the book. Before I started writing VIP I planned on trying to have it be as realistic as possible.

4.   How do you feel about some readers labeling Sebastian as a coward? Do you see him that way when you reflect on his actions in the first half of VIP? I always knew VIP was going to be about a ‘happily married man’ falling in love with an escort. I didn't want women to hate him, because let's face it women are very critical, so I thought if I tried to make him do the right thing then maybe it would lesson the blow. Never did I think women would want him to leave his wife and child. That has totally and completely taken me by surprise on what the readers wanted. But at the same time makes me feel amazing that you guys felt their connection as much as I did. I wanted to show that sometimes you can meet your soul mate when you least expect it. 

5.   Sebastian at one point says “I loved my family and I wouldn’t do anything to ruin how lucky I was.” do you think he was truly happy with Julia or do you think he settled? I think that parents can influence our lives. I think Sebastian was born into a privileged life and with most influential homes you tend to want to please your parents more. I think a lot of his decisions were based off wanting to do the right thing and not hurt or disappoint anyone. He didn’t know how to please himself. He does have an amazing heart. I never saw him as a coward, however, there were some things he did that made me want to kick him in the head. Lol!

6.  Thank goodness for Devon, I sincerely loved his character. What made you decide to keep his relationship with Ysa platonic? I went back and forth a lot with this decision. Ysabelle is very jaded and I wanted her to have someone she could trust. Devon and Madam were role models for Ysabelle and I also wanted them to seem like her ‘honorary parents.’

7.  Ysa went to visit the woman who birthed her. (I’m sorry I refuse to refer to that woman as her mother, she was no such thing) I’m guessing her father’s identity must be important for that scene to take place. Will her father’s identity come up again in either of the next 2 books? This is something I’m currently going back and forth with! So we will see…

8.  Readers don’t get to know a lot about Madam but she leaves an impression and that impression makes you crave MORE.  Is Ysa finished with Madam? If not, how much of Madam will we get in Book #2? I’ll never tell… ;-)

9.  After what Madam did to Ysa at the end of VIP by setting her up on the date with Slavic; I began to dislike her character. Eventually I figured maybe she was scared to lose Ysa. Which got me to thinking, why is that, because she obviously has a HUGE money making business and is far from slumming it. Was Madam actually scared to lose Ysa? If yes, Why? Madam has her reasons for everything she does. That’s all I can say!
Below are a few questions from readers:
Chiqui asked, what inspired you to write the book and how long was the process from start to finish? This is really random but VIP came to me in a dream. I had this dream, that I had an affair with Alexander Skarsgard. I woke up and I felt sort of bad because I am happily married and ta da…VIP is born!
I didn’t start to focus entirely on VIP till that last 2-3 months of writing, before that I was writing once every 2-4 wks. So it took me almost 8 months to write. I also didn’t know anything about lengths with books. VIP 156,000 words, I guess a novel is supposed be to around 80,000 words. If I had known that I would have made VIP 2 books. I would have stopped it right where they are meant. Huge cliffy!! Lol!
Debra asked, do you condone Sebastian’s behavior throughout the story, especially concerning his marriage. Or do you think he could have handled things in a better way? I think that life isn’t perfect. I don’t condone cheating what so ever but it happens everyday. Like I said before although VIP's theme is a bit of an exaggeration I tried to make it as realistic as possible. Bad things happen to good people and everyone has the right to be happy. You only get to live one life and you deserve to do what feels right even if some people think you’re selfish.
Denisse asked, the overall theme in this book is very bold, not only Ysabelle’s profession but also the love triangle; was there ever any hesitation or fear on your part about how people would perceive VIP? Hell yes!!! I was terrified for how people would perceive this book. I definitely put myself out there with my first novel!  Drug use, prostitution, an affair, love triangles, F/F, voyeurism, rape, and child abuse…did I miss something? Lol!!

Denisse asked, what was the hardest scene to write in VIP? The scene at the park and when they broke up, I bawled my eyes out when I was writing the park scene. I tried to put myself in that situation and it was awful. I felt everything Ysabelle was going through in that scene. Everything I wrote was what I was feeling. My husband came home and walked in on me bawling, he was immediately by my side and concerned. He asked me what was wrong. I’m like “Ysabelle.” He looked at me like I was nuts! 

Denisse said, I love music as much as I love books, so much that I usually create playlists for my favorites reads; if you could pick one song to describe VIP, which one will it be? The Apocalypse – Radioactive. Fits them perfect!
If you could give us a preview of what's in store for the rest of the series and Sebastian and Ysabelle's future in particular? I will say this...there is still a rough road ahead for Sebastian and Ysabelle. ;-)

M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.
She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left. She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.


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