Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason

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Pandora Ann Phillips' life is just normal-crazy

Her mom's a psychic, her dad's mom is a snob, her mom's parental units are "too down to earth" and her best friends are newlyweds. Okay, so her best friends being newlyweds isn't really abnormal, but living with them in a cramped two-bedroom apartment definitely is. Sex, sex, sex is totally on their minds. Actually it's not only on their minds, but it's on the kitchen table, couch, on top of the washer...well, you get the picture.

Being a celibate (not by choice, mind you) full-time college student, and an almost full-time barista, Pandora can't afford to lose anymore sleep. So, she seeks out a new place to lay her head. Enter three "drool worthy" male models that are looking for a fourth roommate and they want her...and won't take no for an answer.

Hilarity ensues as Pandora's life turns completely upside down, and she begins to wonder if it will ever be the same again!
Pandora (Dora) lives with her best friend Julie & her husband Kevin.  They are newlyweds so sex is high on their daily agenda and Dora has decided that she needs to move out and give them their own private space to scream as loud as they want.
Dora answers an ad for a new flatmate and is greeted at the door by a freaking gorgeous hot shirtless model called Drew.  Turns out that are three guys Drew, Liam & Colin and they are models.  The loft flat is amazing and feels too good to be true.  Drew owns the loft so the rent isn’t too costly and Dora can’t believe her luck.  When she realises it will just be her and four hot guys, she decides that there is no way she will be able to keep her hormones under control if she moves in so she decides not to go ahead with it.
The problem is that Liam is superstitious and four is his lucky number.  He and the guys believe that Dora is the perfect fit for them so they set out to convince her to move in.  She eventually relents and moves in. 
Turns out that moving in with them is better than she expected it to be.  They invite her and her friends to a Halloween party with them.  The guys are dressed identically as the three musketeers and later in the evening one of them kisses her – and it ‘s a hot passionate kiss, only problem is that she has no idea which one of them it was.
At the end of each chapter we get a little POV of the guy who is crushing on her, he is the guy that kissed her but she has no idea who it is.  We as readers don’t know who it is until very late in the book either.
This was a really light sweet romantic read.

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