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Review: Needing Her by Molly McAdams

Needing Her
By: Molly McAdams
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She’s the Girl Next Door

Maci Price isn’t really into relationships. Having four very protective older brothers has always made having a boyfriend very difficult, anyway. But her friend is set on finding her the perfect guy – and thinks the mysterious Connor Green is the perfect pick.

He’s Her Brother’s Best Friend

Connor Green is trying to find himself again. He loved then lost and it’s time for him to pick up the pieces. His brooding is making his friends crazy, but, Maci Price, who has grown up into a gorgeous and incredibly sexy woman, is about to break the spell.

They’re Made for Each Other

When Maci starts up old pranks to get Connor out of his slump, an all out war leads to a night that will break all their rules, and a relationship they must keep hidden. Together they’re electric. Apart they’re safe. And soon they’ll find they’re exactly what the other needs.

A fabulous, fun, and sexy, New Adult novella from New York Times bestselling author Molly McAdams. If you loved Connor in From Ashes, this is the story for you.

After reading From Ashes I was really intrigued with Detective Connor Green so it was great to get his story.

Connor lives across the hall from Maci Price, she is the little sister of his best friends. They used to love playing pranks on each other and Maci decides to reintroduce them again in a bid to get Connor out of his funk.

Maci has always had a crush on Connor and now that she is older, she wishes he would see her as the grown up young woman she has become. Connor has noticed but he knows he just can't go there and is very protective of her.

Maci has had a f*ck buddy now a while now and Connor has no shortage of girls in his life either.

The attraction between these two is slowly becoming too hard to resist and they eventually give in to it and they are damn hot together.

Can they really be together though? 
Will her very over-protective brothers accept it?

What about Connor's past, will he ever share it with Maci?

I really enjoyed this sweet novella :)
I give this 4 sweet stars 
Series reading order:
From Ashes - #1
Needing Her - novella




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