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Promo Blitz, Review & Giveaway: Ditching the Dream by Isabelle Peterson

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Feeling dead in her marriage, Elizabeth Fairchild ditches the dream of her seemingly perfect life with her husband in search of who she really is.

She went from her parents' house to her husband's home and never really learned to stand on her own two feet. She decides to leave her comfortable life in Napa Valley in search of her inner fire in New York City. She certainly didn't leave her husband to find another man, but she soon finds herself involved with two: Jack Stevens and Kevin Parker.

Jack is older. He has heart-stopping good looks, is wildly successful, and is very much in control of everything around him - especially Elizabeth.
Kevin is younger. He is carefree with a heart of gold and loves Elizabeth's spirit.

While Elizabeth's old life still calls to her, she also finds what she needs in New York. But which dream will she choose?
Elizabeth is a character who I could easily relate to. She has been married for over 20 years and is feeling a bit...lost. She has spent all those years taking care of her husband, her children and their home. And in that time, she forgot about taking care of herself. And now, with all the kids off at college and extra time on her hands, she begins to see the cracks in her marriage.

Greg loves her and she him, but are they in love with one another? She wants to feel like more than a housekeeper. But how can Greg know this is she doesn't speak up? That was my whole take on it. COMMUNICATION! No marriage or relationship can survive without it. I could completely relate to how she was feeling, but felt she went about handling it the wrong way. It wasn't a matter of her thinking the grass was greener somewhere else, because I never felt that was her initial motivation for leaving.

But what started out for her as a soul-searching type of mission, turned into something completely different. Kevin and Jack both kind of snuck up on her when she least expected. I feel they both were very important on her path of self discovery, one more so than the other. Do I agree with all her decisions? No. Would I have done things differently? Yes. But this was Elizabeth's journey and I felt she handled it the only way she knew how, which at times was blindly.

If you are married or in a long-term relationship, I believe you will find this book relatable. Elizabeth's "unrest" in her marriage is something I believe is common in those that have been together for a great length of time (even if you don't want to admit it!). It becomes so easy to take one another for granted and stop doing the things we should simply because we feel we don't have to anymore.This book will make you see, you DO still need all those things you did in the beginning of a relationship. Maybe even more so!

The ending left something to be desired. I do not feel the story is over for Elizabeth. She does make a decision at the end, but I question whether it was the right one? I am really hoping the next book will be the one to provide us with closure for her story before we move on to anyone else's.
I finished the task of unbuttoning his shirt and brusquely
shoved it back over his shoulders. My lips trailed down, kissing his tattoos.
Across his chest, his shoulder, his bicep…
I dragged my tongue over his salty skin, tracing the tribal
lines that had been permanently inked. Thinking that maybe one day I’d be brave
enough to get a real tattoo.
I pulled my mouth from his tattoos as he lifted my shirt
over my head. Sitting back, letting him look me over, it appeared his breath

With renewed vigor, his mouth crashed onto mine as he
hungrily plunged his tongue into my mouth, massaging every inch, making love to
my mouth, his hands caressing my skin. His breath rushed out of him and he
pulled us to standing, before he swept me up into his arms, and marched us to
my bedroom.
Click here to read the Prologue & first 4 chapters of Ditching the Dream

The short story: 

I'm the wife of a most fabulous man for twenty years.

I'm a mother of 2 busy teens.

I'm a dog lover.

I'm a serious drinker of coffee and wine.

I live near New York City.

My favorite place that I've visited is Monaco.

My favorite color is green (but I look best in pink/salmon).

My favorite food is chocolate.

My favorite kind of music is New Country.

 The long story:
I've always been a creative sort of person... I started with my college studies
in Advertising Design and Illustration. I'm good at drawing and coming up with
clever ideas.

As for story telling - well, that's where I have the most fun!  Ditching
The Dream is my first novel, but I've been working on writing movies since,
what seems like forever. Way back in high school my friend Aimee and I started
writing a movie and I was hooked. We didn't know what we were doing, but we
loved coming up with the story. I also like to come up with stories about
people I don't know. Like the guy that cut me off on the expressway...He had
quite a story - at least in my mind! Who knows? Maybe I've come up with a story
about you! ;)

 Ditching The Dream is a story that came to me while I was helping two author
friends of mine. I was helping them with their books and I would make
suggestions to amp up their stories along the way. Bev and Amy encouraged me to
write my own story and Ditching The Dream was born.  Is it
auto-biographical? No, not in the least. But it sure has been a fun story to
come up with (especially when my hubby gets involved with coming up with ideas).




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