Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Torn From You by Nashoda Rose

Torn From You (Tear Asunder Series, Book #1)
By: Nashoda Rose
Love is like an avalanche. It hits hard, fast and without mercy.

At least it did for me when Sculpt, the lead singer of the rock band Tear Asunder knocked me off my feet. Literally, because he’s also a fighter, illegally of course, and he taught me how to fight. He also taught me how to love and I fell hard for him. I mean the guy could do sweet, when he wasn't doing bossy, and I like sweet.

Then it all shattered.

I was alone and fighting to survive.
When I heard Sculpt's voice, I thought he was there to save me.

I was wrong.

(It is highly recommended to read "With You" the novella first).

*Warning: This book contains some disturbing situations, strong language and sexual content. Over 18 years.
This is a love story with some dark elements. Dark contemporary romance. No cliffhanger and next in the Tear Asunder series is Ream's story (the band's lead guitarist).
I decided to kick off 2014 on the dark side and read Torn From You. It is a gritty tale that touches on the sex slave/human trafficking industry. It is not as raw and in depth as some other books I have read but it definitely has some tough moments to get through. It is not a book that is for the faint of heart.

Emily needs Sculpt's help. He is an underground fighter and she needs to learn how to fight. After he reluctantly agrees and they begin spending time together, things naturally progress to something more. But what Emily thought was the love affair of her life turns out to be something nightmares are made of.

She wakes after being kidnapped and hears Sculpt's voice. Naturally her first assumption is that her knight has come to rescue her. But she couldn't be more wrong. Emily is then exposed to a very dark and horrible world of slavery and human trafficking. But just when you think you have the story all figured out, there is a twist thrown in that you'll never see coming!

I really loved Emily's character. At a time when most would break under the horrible circumstances they have been thrown into,she continues to fight. Even when she thinks she is finally broken and all hope is lost, you can still feel the strength in her. And Sculpt was one I went back and forth on. I had a love/hate relationship going with him for most of the book. As the story progressed though and I began to understand him more, the more conflicted I felt because all the bad things I felt about him were slipping away.

Overall, a strong 4 star read for me. I liked the pace of the story and the writing was pretty good. There were a couple little things that annoyed me (legos, you'll understand the meaning when you read the book), but nothing that wasn't easy to overlook. And I have to say, the author did an excellent job of setting up for the next book in the series. I was so intrigued by what was happening between Kat and Ream in the end, that I almost forget this was a Emily and Sculpt's book! So, needless to say, I will DEFINITELY be reading book two!

With You (Novella)
(Suggested that you read this first as it helps explain how Emily and Sculpt met)


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