Saturday, September 22, 2012

Creed by Kristen Ashley


One word…Sylvie.

I whole heartedly believe this book should have been named Sylvie.  This was HER book and I LOVE her!

Sylvie is a very strong, independent, kick ass tough woman.  She plays by her own rules and lives as she pleases.  She has a foul mouth and is truly one of the ‘guys’—from kicking ass to carrying a gun.  She has survived a horrific childhood and young adult life.  She had only one person in the whole world she counted on---Tucker Creed.

But on her 18th birthday, when they were supposed to disappear together, he disappeared from her life.  She’s been carrying that loss along with her own tortured 6 years of hell after Creed left, for the past 16 years. 

I felt Sylvie’s pain..It hurt in my gut.  Just the thoughts of what she went through those 6 years was excruciating.  It made me love her strength more.

Creed has been living his own hell these past 16 years.  We learn about what happened to Creed and why he left through Sylvie’s dreams.  The reasons are terrible..horrible and it wasn’t by choice.

Sixteen years later, Creed is called to work for Knight!  Yes!!! KNIGHT!!!  I was so excited to read about him in this book.  It made me really love him.  Knight showed how caring of a person he is by being a friend to Sylvie all these years. 

Sylvie also works for Knight.  Unbeknownst to him, they are put together to work a case. 

I love how Kristen Ashley pulled in Knight and HAWK DELGALO!!!  Yes you heard right!  Hawk is in this story!!!  (He’s from Kristen’s book Mystery Man—if you didn’t know.)  HOT!

Sylvie and Creed together was explosive.  From their initial fight (which I can’t blame her for) to the hot and steamy sex!  I had to cool off after a couple of those scenes! 

Their love is something many people strive for—and yes there are bumps—but their love is pure from when they were younger and the bond is super strong.  I felt a truly emotional connection to them. 

I highly recommend this book. 

Also, the epilogue FREAKING ROCKED!!!!!!!!

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