Thursday, September 20, 2012

Make Me Sir by Cherise Sinclair

This is one of my favorites of this series that I have read.

Quick Summary:  Gabi is an victims advocate who goes undercover at Shadowlands to catch a horrible kidnapper who kidnapped her friend and is selling the women on the black market as slaves.  Master Marcus is her 'trainer'.  Sparks fly.

I love that this book had a story that I could get into.  I loved the action and the strong will of Gabi.  She is a powerful woman and character in this book.  I loved how she stood up for herself and yet..was a total submissive in the bedroom. 
Marcus...southern boy drawl..was HOT!!!!!  I'm pretty sure he is my favorite of the doms. He is loving, caring and I didn't feel that coldness that I felt from the others. He is a dom I would love to take HOME!!!!!!!!!!

I love how this story brings together the characters from the previous stories and lets us know what has been happening with them. 
Overall great read!  LOVED IT!

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