Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review of On Dublin Street by:  Samantha Young

On Dublin Street is a tale of a woman who leaves the states (Virginia to be exact) to escape her demons there.  She moves to Scotland, the birthplace of her mother and attends school there.  Joss is a strong woman, but has many hurts and flaws.  Her parents and sister die at a very early age and it causes her to 'rebel'.  She has never escaped her families’ death and lives with it daily. She has vowed never to get close to anyone.  This in her mind will get away from the hurt of her families demise. 
Braden is a Scottish alpha male who is a hot hot hunk!  He usually has a hot, tall, blonde on his arm most of the time.  From the first time he meets Joss (hot, shorter and brown hair) he is hot.  He has his own demons that he is healing from.  Mainly an ex that was a cold, gold-digging cheater. 
Joss is on the market for a new apartment and finds one On Dublin Street with Ellie.  Ellie is a beautiful PhD student. 
Low and behold Ellie's brother is Braden, which is how the two begin to get to know each other.  With Joss' not getting close to anyone philosophy, Braden strikes up a deal with her.  No strings attached sex.  She's all for it. 
Can they stay that way??  Or will Joss's walls finally come down?? 
My thoughts.  I loved these characters.  Joss..oh Joss.  She is such a strong--stand up for herself woman.  She is also so hurt inside and 'broken' as she called it over the loss of her family.  I felt the depth of her pain.  I wanted to cry--even though she couldn't. 
Braden...hot man.  I heard is Scottish accent with each word that was written!  It made me have goose bumps!  I love that he was strong and wouldn't let Joss go. He knew what he wanted, just had to make Joss see it. 
This story was a nice romantic story.  It didn't have people getting killed or someone attacking (for the most part). It had lots of emotional ups and downs. 
I highly recommend reading it!

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