Thursday, September 27, 2012

Motorcycle Man

By Kristen Ashley


He’s an ass.  A jerk.  A pig.  A badass….. And I love him!  Tack—Kane Allen is Motorcycle Man!  Tack is the president of Chaos, a biker gang.  He’s tough, hot, sexy, badass and loves his women.  We know from Mystery Man that Tack had a thing for Gwen and that didn’t end in his favor.  So he’s back to his wild ridin’ ways.  Women, booze and bikes. 

Tyra met Tack at a Chaos party with lots of booze and sex.  Tack kicks her out.  Little does Tack know, Tyra’s back.   Not for him…..for a job.  She is the new office manager for Ride, the shop Tack owns.  When Tack finds out, he’s not happy.  This starts the back and forth that occurs between these characters. 

There is action, hot sex, kidnapping and lots of blood. 

I knew Tack from Dream Man Series and loved him already.  So, that being said his assholeness rolled off me pretty easily.  “Time to get your own bed darlin’”   OUCH!  As a female, that would freaking suck.  But I overlooked it. 

I loved how Tyra was strong and in your face. I like that she didn’t put up with Tack’s shit and stood on her own two feet.  Even though she was falling—hard.  I loved how protective Tack was of Tyra, even when she tried to blow him off.

And one of the biggest pluses of this story is………..ALL THE DREAM MEN!!!!!!!!!  I loved reading about all of them and catching up with my dream men!  Hawk and Lawson!  I haven’t read Wild Man yet so I don’t know the other guys!  But I loved catching up with them!

Overall, highly recommended for any Kristen Ashley fan or anyone who wants a good book!
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