Monday, September 24, 2012

By: Miranda Baker


WOW!  If you are looking for a total erotic tale, this is the book for you! 

Alisa, a very sexy librarian, just got told by her ‘boyfriend’ that she is frigid in bed.  She is determined to figure out why she has never had an orgasm…ever.  Is it her?  Is it her partners?  She enters Come Again, an adult store and things in her life changes.  She learns all about orgasms and she likes them. Ha!

She ends up testing sex toys for the company Soloplay under the anonymous name Sologirl. 

Mark is the owner of Soloplay.  He loves reading Sologirl’s reviews.  Everything she picks ends up being a best seller for him.  Mark decides he wants Sologirl to try and review a new couple’s line for his company.

Alisa declines this offer.  Mark sets out to find out why because he’s desperate to save his company.  Once meeting Sologirl, Mark is in deep lust. When Mark agrees to be her partner, will sparks fly or does Mark only want her to improve his business??

It is a romance, so that’s not hard to figure out.

I did enjoy this story and I learned lots about all these toys that are out there! 
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