Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mystery Man  by Kristen Ashley

What an awesome story!!!

Okay so once I got past the mystery guy coming into her bedroom for A YEAR AND A HALF!!!  and having sex with her...and her not telling him to get the f*** out!!!!!!  I fell in love with the story. 

Quick Summary:
Gwen allows the mystery man to come into her bedroom and sleep with her (well have sex with her) for a year and a half and never asks him his name.  So she doesn't know who he is... but he knows exactly who she is.  Cabe aka Hawk is her mystery man.  Total alpha hot male.  He is very protective of what is his and he considers Gwen his.

She is not to apt to that after meeting him in the daylight because of his man..take care of you...neanderthal ways.  But it ends he wont take no for an answer. And when Gwen's druggie of a sister Ginger gets Gwen into some serious situations....Hawk is there..well watching her like a hawk.  He is her protector.  There are also 2 other alpha males in this story that have a thing for Ms. Gwen..(she's getting all the hot guys).  Lawson and Tack the two other alphas.  One a man of the law and the other the leader of a biker club.  The author wove these characters into the story quite well.  I believed with everything that all of these men had part of them that loved Gwen and wanted to protect her.

There was lots of action and intrigue throughout the story.  When i thought the story was over and the 'happy ending' kept going adding many other layers to the characters and the story.  I was very impressed. 

I loved Hawk and though he was way on the alpha side...he was a sweetheart and only wanted to protect Gwen from the Bad ass life. 
The relationship started off creepy..but ended'll have to read and find out.

I strongly recommend reading this book!!

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