Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rock Chick

By Kristen Ashley


Indy has been in love with Lee Nightingale since she was five years old.  Indy’s best friend, Ally, is Lee’s sister and Kitty Sue, the Nightingale’s mom, has been her surrogate mom since the death of her mother.  Indy has been avoiding Lee for the past ten years, ever since he told her she reminded him of his little sister.  This crushed her, but she did everything in her power to stay away from him.  Avoidance and lying has become second nature to her. 

Indy gets involved in a shooting and who can she call.  Ally…who in turn gets Lee involved.  Little does Indy know, Lee has been pissed as hell these past few years watching her go from guy to guy and wanting that guy to be him.  He must work his ass off, to prove he can be the man she needs.

I loved Indy.  She’s strong, independent, fun, loyal and rock n’ roll!  I loved that she didn’t just turn into a big pile of mush when it came to Lee.  She made him work for it.  She put up a good fight and stood her ground.  I like that she got pissed at him and didn’t back down from it.  There were some things that pissed me off about Indy too.  Such as, NEVER FREAKING LISTENING!  --But that went along with her independence…I guess. 

Lee is…..hawt!  He is strong, responsible, protective, and possessive and did I say hot…O Hell Yeah!  He sees his opportunity to win Indy over and he is not taking no for an answer, but he already knows she loves him.  He is smart as a whip and has known it for years.  He just needed to be the right man for her.  I love that he is so patient.  Most alphas in books are not…at all. But he is one of the most patience that I have read!

I love all the action. I mean how many times can a girl get kidnapped?  Quite a few I guess!  I also loved all the characters.  I’m guessing that they will all be showing up in their own books soon, since there are like a bazillion of them!  

I must say that I was expecting more of the sexual experience, since it is Kristen Ashley and Dream Man Oozed it, but the story flowed and carried so well that in the end I didn’t miss it!

Highly recommend!

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