Friday, September 21, 2012

Unforgivable (Untouchable, 2)

By: Lindsay Delagair

Leese and Micah are finally going to get their happily ever after….or are they.


Micah has gotten out of the mob and has created a new life for himself. It revolves around….Leese and making her happy.

Leese and Micah are planning their upcoming wedding. There is build up to the wedding and the wedding night. The wedding night didn’t boom as I would have liked. This girl waiting for marriage to do the deed but, she was in pain…not very climatic.

The Mr. and Mrs. Only have a night together before everything gets flipped. Micah has people in the mob who want him back and will do whatever they can to get him back.

Leese ends up getting threatened and she leaves….with Ryan! This causes lots of commotion between Micah and his family. I didn’t buy it. I was not sold on this. I kept saying to myself….why doesn’t she go talk to Micah if she is so in love with him and tell him what the mob guy threatened?? Why run?? It boggled my mind and wasn’t believable. This girl waited all this time for Micah and then all the sudden she’s just going to leave?? And they buy it???? Not me!

The part in this book that is so far stretched in my mind is Micah decides to buy into a television show Remade. Remade is a reality show where non-singer celebrities or news makers go on and learn to sing. Leese gets approached to be on the show and ends up meeting back up with Micah unbeknownst to her. This was way to American Idol/Dancing with the Stars for me for a book. I couldn’t get into it.

After meeting back up with each other, the mob guy drugs Micah and he ends up raping Leese!!! Yes you heard me right!!!! He beat the hell out of her! I was floored when I read this. I had a hard time liking or even being fond of Micah after that.

Leese ends up telling him about the threats and he goes in to save the day. We really don’t learn what he did.

This book is a YA book and I am not usually reading those, so maybe this is skewed a bit. But I didn’t feel this book. I didn’t care for it and I am seriously reconsidering reading #3 in the series.

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