Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Mighty Storm   by  Samantha Towle

I read several reviews on this book so i dove right in. Its a fairly long book, but it has great character build up.

Jake...oh Jake. I fell hard for this bad boy...who's not so bad. Jake is a rock god and has achieved fame and fortune at a very young age. But never love, because he left that behind when he was fourteen years old. Jake has lost of demons that he is trying to bury, but they keep coming out to haunt him. To me these demons makes him real and i connected with him deeply.

Enter Tru, Trudy.  She's a music journalist who long ago was best friends and in love with Jake until he abruptly moved away at fourteen.  The magazine she writes for lands a huge interview with The Jake, and Tru reluctantly goes to do the interview.

Sparks definitely fly between them, but it takes some build up before anything happens.
Oh did I mention that Tru has a boyfriend...ummm yeah Will. The author does a great job interweaving this triangle throughout the first half of the book.  I personally may not have agreed with choices made, but I defiantly felt for all the characters.

The only complaint I have is there are lots and lots of typos. Which made reading parts hard, because i had to go back and reread. That's why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
If you can look past the typos, you will find a very character enriched love story. I loved Jake and Tru.
Speaking of typos, please excuse any in this review as i am writing on a tablet and its giving me issues. Happy reading!

So after laying in bed last night thinking about Jake and tru I am going to amend my rating to a 5. yes there were many typos but the story was so good I can't knock it. I sooo felt for Jake. I could still fell his love, lust, addiction pain and loss way after finishing the book. Therefore it gets 5 stars from me!

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