Thursday, September 20, 2012

UnRidden Studs in Spurs by Cat Johnson

Summary:  Two hot cowboys meet one city girl and one falls in love. 

Contains spoilers:

I had higher hopes for this one.  My problem was, I kept comparing it to Lorelei James' Rough Riders the first one.  I know that is probably not fair, but the story had the same feel.

The major difference was character build up and connection.  With Unridden, I didn't feel that connection between Slade and Jenna.  I felt it more with Mustang and Jenna.  But, even that connection didn't feel like a lasting one.  More like as she called it 'a booty call'. 

I like when I read books and the characters feel like I can reach out and touch them.  Here. I didn't get that feeling. 

That being said the sex scenes were pretty hot with lots of m/f/m action. 

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