Monday, October 1, 2012

A Little Harmless Sex (Harmless #1)

by Melissa Schroeder


Wow!  This book will get your motor running.  The bedroom scenes are very hot and inviting as you could say!  HA!

Max and Anna are best friends and have been for many years.  Max is very straight laced.  He likes everything in order.  Anna is very outgoing and adventurous.  She is a free spirit and the complete opposite of Max. 

They have gone through lots of boyfriends and girlfriends, but never with each other.  They both think each other is hot, but won’t cross that line into ruining their tight friendship.

After Max’s fiancé dumps him and Anna breaks up with her boyfriend, they decide to celebrate!

Enter……..tequila!  It reminded me of that song ‘Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off!”  After a night of way too much to drink, all kinds of hot and bothered feeling some out!  They have a night of hot harmless sex.

Max decides that he wants Anna, for good…forever.  We go along on the journey of them discovering a new area of their friendship.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to slap Anna.  She needed to get the cob out of her ass and just be with Max.  Max just tried and tried and Anna pushed and pushed.  Ughh…  But that’s what made it good!  The back and forth!

It’s only about 200 pages so it went pretty quickly. 

If you are in need of getting your motor running, this is the book! 

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  1. Just the title and cover have piqued my curiousity....good review though, it got me super curious. Hope I can find it as a ebook, hehe