Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liebster Blog Award

The rules of the Liebster Award are as follows:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog and link back to the blogger who presented this award to you;

2. Answer the 11 questions from the nominator, list 11 random facts about yourself and create 11 questions for your nominees;

3. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 11 blogs of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been chosen. (No tag backs)

4. Copy and Paste the blog award on your blog.

Thank you to Jess & Lynz at Little Black Book Bloggers for the awesome nomination!!  We are so excited and thankful to be recognized!!!!


11 Questions From Our Nominators:
1. What is your favorite book of all time and why?
Alexis- The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred. It changed my expectations of what I seek from books. It was emotional and had a great plot with characters I'll never forget.
Becky- Vain by Fisher Amelie! It was such a beautiful story that will touch everyone no matter what genre you typically read! 
Ms. Reality- The Cat and The Hat by Dr. Suess   My mom used to read it to me all the time.
2. If you had to choose between never eating chocolate or never eating cheese again which would you choose?
Alexis- Never eating cheese. I need my chocolate!
Becky- Bye bye cheese!!.
Ms. Reality- Goodbye Cheese--HELLO Chocolate!
3. Who are your top three book boyfriends?
Alexis- Christian - Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James,
               Kellan - Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
               Bones - Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost 
Becky- Kellan - Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens
             Trent- Ten Tiny Breaths- K.A. Tucker
             Cooper- Tidal by Emily Snow
Ms. Reality- Trey--Feral Sins
                      Brian--Rock Me
                      Hawk--Mystery Man
4. Which actor could you match with your number one book boyfriend?
Alexis-  Chris Pine as Christian Grey
Becky- Well he really doesn't fit the description of Kellan but I want Charlie Hunnam!!
Ms. Reality- I have a picture of Trey on pintrest.  I have no idea what the guys name is though!
5. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?
Alexis- Disney World hands down!
Becky- Paris
Ms. Reality- Hawaii
6. Where is your favorite place to read a book?
Alexis- In bed.
Becky- Anywhere as long as it is quiet..
Ms. Reality-  Any place that's freaking quiet!!!!
7. Are you planning to attend any book signings this year and if yes, which one(s)?
Alexis- Yes. Unfortunately I will miss the one in Boston.. So Vegas here I come baby!!LOL!!
Becky- I wish!
Ms. Reality- Not at this time.  I wish!
8. What was the first book you ever reviewed?
Alexis- My first real review was... Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire.
Becky- Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan
Ms. Reality- Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley
9. What book character can you relate to the most?
Alexis- Hmmmm. None, I live vicariously through them ALL!
Becky- I would have to say Olivia from the Opportunist. At least the part where she was willing to do anything to get a second chance with Caleb. I would totally do anything for the man I love!
Ms. Reality-  I have thought and thought... I relate in someway to almost all the characters.  I am having a hard time deciding this one.
10. If you could see any book made into a movie, what book would it be?
Alexis- The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay
Becky- Definitely Thoughtless!
Ms. Reality- Feral Sins---but it would probably be rated X
11. What made you want to start blogging?
Alexis- I started blogging when I realized people cared what I had to say about a book. The opportunity fell in my lap by chance when Ms. Reality posted a status that she was looking for reviewers!
Becky- I needed a way to share my love of books!
Ms. Reality-  I wanted a place to show my reviews and talk about up-in-coming authors.  I started doing it and it was difficult at first, but I am getting a bit better!  Now that I have teammates, it works so much better!

11 Random Facts About Us:
1) Becky and Alexis both LOVE Vampire Diaries! "Nothing comes between me and my Thursday nights!"-Becky
2 )Becky: I am a HUGE NKOTB fan!
3) Becky: I am a closet tattoo junkie (I have 4...for now!)
4) Alexis: I am obsessed with all things Beyonce
5) Alexis: My favorite movie is Pretty Woman
6) Alexis: I bought then read the entire Twilight series in less then a week! Thus starting my book obsession!
7) Alexis: I am a Trueblood fan but I must admit I love the books better then the HBO series.
8) Ms. Reality: I read the Fifty Shades trilogy 8 times.  (Don't ask me why)
9) Ms. Reality: My favorite movie of all times is Grease.
10) Ms. Reality: I hated reading until March 2012 when my BFF introduced me to Twilight.
11) Ms. Reality: I really want to go to the beach, as if you couldn't tell from the pics on the blog!

Our 11 Nominees (in no particular order):
4 )Glass, Iva, Purplebook and Red   http://waytoohotbooks.blogspot.com/
5) Abby and Dawn   http://upallnightbookblog.com/
10) Melissa & Ashley http://smardy-pants.blogspot.com/
11)Helen & Hope http://2geekgirlsreviewbooks.com/

11 Questions For Our Nominees:
1)  Who is your favorite author?
2)  What is your ALL TIME favorite movie?
3)  How many books did you read in 2012?
4)  What is your favorite genre to read?
5)  If you could choose one book series to be made into a hour long T.V. show which book series would you pick?
6)  Which stand alone book did you read last year was so GOOD, that you wish the author would make it into a series?
7)  When is the last time you had to travel by plane and where did you go?
8)  If you could turn a book into a play that travels around the world, which book would you choose?
9)  What is the name of the last book you read that kept you up all night?
10) How many hours a day do you actually watch television?
11)  What's the last book you read that disappointed you, expectation wise?


  1. Hi, thank you so much for nominating us :)!
    We'll do our homework as soon as I get in touch with others.
    P.S. Love your answers- we book-lovers are so alike.


  2. Thank You for the nomination. I don't really understand this whole thing... I've seen it around though.

    Anyhoo... I'll see what I can gather to make it clearer for me :)

    Thanks again for the nomination.

  3. Girls, you are awesome! Thank you.

  4. Thank you ladies so much! I'm finally getting around to posting this on my blog! :)